Sandy Storm Help Team Taps Social Media Insurance To Accelerate Claims Payment

Sandy Storm Help Team Taps Social Media Insurance To Accelerate Claims Payment

Sandy Storm Help Team taps social media to accelerate insurance claims payment and urge insurers to provide better support to their policy holders.

Sandy Storm Help Team Taps Social Media Insurance To Accelerate Claims PaymentStorm Help (@stormhelpteam) launched a social media campaign “Hear Us!” which is composed of lawyers, estimators, engineers, and other workers throughout the Sandy-impacted area. The campaign was led by Scott Mager, disaster relief reimbursement specialist, to ensure that property owners get the money they deserve.

The social media push has a platform for the victims of Sandy Storm to share their stories and express their frustration to insurance companies via video, photos, and comments using the #HearUs and sending tweets to @stormhelpteam on Twitter.

They are also encouraged to upload photos and videos to the Storm Help Team Facebook page

However, experts warned that even with the recent release of billion-dollar loans and grants by the government, this does not mean that anyone can receive the money.

Residents, condominium associations, business owners, and other victims in the New York Metropolitan Area and New Jersey, as well as Connecticut Rhode Island, and Maryland must contact Storm Help at or (855)58-STORM to get information on how to apply for disaster assistance, claim free evaluations and resources, and insurance.

Here are some of the tweets by users with the hashtag #HearUs:

Scott Mager, CEO Mager Empowerment: “Having seen the effects of dozens of storms, and the continuing delays in payment, the time is now to empower property owners with all the experts and resources necessary to more quickly secure payment of all the money they deserve.”

Results from #HearUs

#HearUs on Twitter

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In the last three years, we saw more and more insurers tapping social media to detect insurance claims fraud and potentially even increase your insurance premium based on the content you share on the likes of facebook or twitter.  

Social media is all about giving the power to the people.  Should insurance customers unite and leverage crowdsourcing to collectively express their dissatisfaction, they’d have a great opportunity to impact their insurer’s brand for the worst, and as a consequence, to force their financial institution to improve customer experience and for instance expedite insurance claims payment.

Like me, do you see this social media insurance initiative from Storm Help as being the first of many more customer-led initiatives against insurance companies all over the world?  How big can the impact of crowdsourcing and social media be for the victims of Sandy?

We invite you to share your thoughts about the impact of social media and the financial industry, here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.


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