Retail Banking Innovations 2008 – Interview with Alessandro Colafranceschi, Head of Internet Banking at Unicredit


Retail Banking Innovations Asia Pacific 2008 – Banking in a Brave New World

Retail Banking Innovations 2008 aims to address new frontiers in the industry and the changing concept of retail banking and consumer finance in the Asia Pacific region – with a highly content-driven and provocative agenda. 

I was delighted to speak at Retail Banking Innovations. I had a great time in Singapore. Not only it was my first successful speaking engagement in Asia, but the event was excellent. What a good line up.

Congrats to the VRL Knowledgebank team, and especially Linda!

Alessandro Colafranceschi, Head of Internet Banking at Unicredit
It was a pleasure to catch up with Alessandro in Singapore. I met Alessandro for the first time at the EFMA Online Financial Services 2007event in Barcelona.

The branch network is at the heart of Unicredit’s strategy in Italy. But fact is that more and more customers are walking away from the branches.

Alessandro presented Unicredit’s new strategy around the online channel. Until recently, their public website was mainly a brochureware. They successfully redesigned their internet channel in early 2007, and now they use it as an efficient sales channel to capture good sales leads for the branches.

In 2008, Alessandro and his team have been busy integrating their recent acquisitions. But even though he didn’t have much time or resources to launch any social media initiatives, Alessandro totally understands the potential of social media and user generated content. Customer reviews is definitely an area of interest.

I loved Alessandro’s comments during his presentation: “web 2.0 is cool… web 2.0 is glam”!
I couldn’t agree more.

I invite you to watch my video interview with Alessandro:

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