Real Customer Feedback on ICICI’s Facebook App for Banking

My experience was good till now – Happy !Well, more than 1 reason to make me smile…but my concern is always security. Will it be secure – will anyone get access to my bank details, PIN and passwords? I knew, security has always been my main concern and I can’t be confident till I am 100% sure about the security. I had many questions in mind and from whatever my friends tell me about lack of Facebook privacy, I had my reservations.


So, I decided to move ahead further and read what security options are available for users like me. This is the SECURITY page which explains more.

ICICI bank seemed to be well aware of customers concerns and here they explained every bit to show how customers can have a secure experience.

I clicked on Secured Hosting & SSL encrypted connection– it says:
The application is hosted on a secured server. It is available through an encrypted connection which is certified and secure. This means that ICICI bank does not transfer any data to Facebook. I realized this means, that though in a social networking site like Facebook, I actually do not disclose or leave any information with the site. Sounds good!

The application also offers 2 Factor Authentication:
This means my account is quite protected and hacking it wouldn’t at all be simple. Facebook ID and password along with ‘Your Bank Account’ App password assure double protection of the account. Moreover, if I choose my passwords smartly I have nothing to scratch my head for, in terms of account security.

Quite convincing till now…but I wandered…since its Facebook, will all be activities be published for my friends to see? Most applications in Facebook allow activities to be ‘Published’ – what if my bank statement is published by mistake and the fact that I checked my mini statement or that I just made a payment to someone is published on my wall?? Sounds scary!

Activity Privacy addresses just this issue – it clearly states that account details or any banking activity will not be posted and will NOT be visible on my facebook wall or anywhere else.

Login information is also well protected. Facebook will not have or store any of your passwords, PIN numbers and other details…and if you do not share it, no one will get your login details in anyway.

This means security and privacy is completely assured. I stopped for a moment and went through the details all over again.

I decided to check out myself…so moved ahead and filled in all details required, which included by debit card number and PIN and believe me…this time I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach. Everything seemed transparent, simple and of course secure. Just a few clicks and I was able to see my account balance and got my Mini statement too.  Online banking isn’t new to me but accessing from a social networking site is totally new and something which I never thought about earlier. I went on slowly with the data inputs, as my friends often say….that 2-3 wrong information inputs can block my access for sometime.  I didn’t want to take chances and I am not sure too, if this is going to happen with this application.

Pleased to have finally understood and most importantly convinced about handling my account from Facebook, I decided to bring my friends into the loop too.  So, a few sessions and chats were enough to make them curious. Everyone is fond of Facebook and if they can access their bank even when in this website, nothing can be better.  I completely endorse this at the moment and enjoying this application completely…it’s casual and friendly.

In case you are still wondering whether to use or not, I would like you to check out this application and see for yourself, how people are using it and gaining access. In case of any concerns or difficulties you can check out the FAQ section, which I too checked at some point or you can even get in touch with the bank at Rest, I can assure…your experience is going to be smooth and happy. Happy Banking!

More on the Author: Sudipa (India)
Sudipa is an indian woman, aged under 30, moderately active on facebook and twitter, who banks with 2 financial institutions.  She is using both online and mobile banking.

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