PSBank Crowdsourcing Credit Cards Design
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PSBank Taps Crowdsourcing For Credit Card Design Contest With Financial Reward

In his fifth guest article on Visible Banking, Daniel Gusev – (newly former) Head of Innovation at PSBank – talks us through the Russian bank’s launch of the self-proclaimed ‘word’s first crowdsourcing card store’.

PSBank Crowdsourcing Credit Cards DesignOn 4th February 2012, we turned 5 on that date, I announced the launch of the ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ programme as well as the total redesign of

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I am delighted to publish another insightful article from my friend Daniel Gusev – Founder at FinFit. In this article, Daniel sheds some light on PSBank’s recent launch of an innovative crowdsourced credit card store.


Social services: how they ought to be implemented from PSBank experience
This summer I’ve moved on from heading the Innovation Hub, a specialist design-driven team inside Russian PSBank, created more than a year ago to a great success, to lead a startup by the name of FinFit – a despite the crazy days of fostering this new child, I still remember several projects I curated – and each marketing event by the Bank asks for a speech on how did we manage to achieve such clarity of view.

I would like to kindly use Christophe Langlois’s Visible Banking to talk about two projects that, now public, exemplifies my deep belief system in everything social and how social should be part of a bank’s internal and external offerings.

PSBank’s world first crowdsourcing card store
A social experiment that is considered by the bank a good success, is the late summer launch of the world’s first crowdsourced card design shop: ‘My Card‘. It reimagines the concept for personalized design card order – though the lens of designers – who are the driving force for the design to be bought in the first place.

Most banks in Russia dallied with personalized design since probably 2006 – to little effect on card sales, yet what they all had was a standard selection of designs to chose from. This conformity made the service irrelevant, and the selection process unappealing to customers. Even one-off announcements of new pictures to consider were missed.

What the banks missed lied in two areas:

  1. the driving force for design renaissance: where banks tried to imagine themselves as customers and ended up with a finite number of pics they might have wanted to order – should they have though about themselves as designers, it should have ended up differently. Designers are all about making their works sellable – and they are willing to speak up in their defense, as well as spend time marketing them to others. What the bank had to come up with, was effectively an “app store” to make their works sellable on a plastic. PSBank done just that, mimicking iTunes app store and the like – offering a RUB 10K paid to a designer once his card goes through the 100 order count ceiling. For that to work, the bank had to redo another critical obstacle
  2. the selection process: it has to be interactive – a motion flow of new images, where most popular are shown at the beginning of the page: a card themed Pinterest carpet – and that was done to great success from both designers and users alike. The bank has integrated a set of popular social network buttons (including Pinterest it drew inspiration from) for people to go viral about cards they did like and ordered – to demonstrate the overwhelming success of the site, the average time of more than 100K visitors in the first weeks was more than 5 minutes, without any ad campaign apart from social media community that drew in most of the traffic.

I believe that PSBank has seen great beginning with the service by understanding the fabric of a great social service: viral, interactive, clean, playful. Done by a great team of people.


If it is not the firs time a bank coupled a ‘design your own (debit/credit) card’ service with a social media challenge, to my knowledge it is one of the first times they urge their banking customers to participate and promote their effort with a financial bounty.

What do you think?

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What do you think?

Written by Daniel Gusev

Innovation Mgr in respect of remote channels strategy & emerging payments platforms. Honed knowledge & skills on mobile & proximity payments payments schemes, offering advice on traditional (ATM, Internet) & new ways of offering transaction services to top-10 banks in Russia.


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