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How to Turn $5 into $80 in 24h with Twitter and Fiverr [Social Currency]

OnePiece Pop Up NYC launches #SocialCurrency store, gives you $1 credit per 500 social media followers. Can fake twitter followers bought on Fiverr bankrupt a retailer in the future?

OnePiece Store SocialCurrency FakeTwitter FollowersThis morning an article from caught my eye, ‘Pop-up store lets you pay for clothes using your social network clout‘.  In a nutshell, OnePiece, an American retailer specialized in onesies, launched a pop-up store in NYC named #SocialCurrency where customers can ‘pay’ with their social media ‘influence’.

It sounds cool, hype and innovative, doesn’t it?  Increasing brand awareness, generating media coverage an driving in-store purchases are surely all key objectives on OnePiece’s KPI list.

And I have no doubt the US retailer will drive a decent amount of share of voice online at least for a short while and essentially on twitter.  But nothing as sustainable, transformational,  value-driven and scalable as the fully integrated, friction-less American Express Sync programme.

How does OnePiece’s #SocialCurrency work

OnePiece SocialCurrency Customer Tweet Discount

More on OnePiece’s 6-step #SoLoMo experiment:

1. You go visit the #SocialCurrency pop up store

2. You connect your social media accounts to the OnePiece Ambassdor system aka ‘Piecekeepers’

3. Once synced, the ‘Piecekeepers’ system will calculate your overall follower base across twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Vine.

4. The number will be computed into a dollar amount ($1 for every 500 followers)

5. Customers can earn another $20 credit by sharing a picture from the store with the hashtag #SocialCurrency

6. Customers can redeem up to $500 of that virtual money towards their in-store purchases

The Holy Grail of Social Media

Holy Grail Social Media Visible BankingWith this initiative, OnePiece is aiming to not only attract key social media influencers but also build a potentially extremely valuable database of customer insights.  The Holy Grail of social media in terms of customer advocacy is to match the identity of your customers with their social and digital identities.

It’ll enable you to turn meaningless social conversations into valuable insights which will help you to infer a number of key customer characteristics and behaviours, improve your models/segmentation and make your communications more relevant.

The best way to reach this nirvana?  Tapping into permission marketing and urging your customers to share those precious personal information proactively.

This is an outstanding challenge for most brands.  The reward must be significant and the sharing process dead easy.

I invite you to watch this 2-year-old American Express video introducing their ‘Amex Sync on Twitter‘ programme to see how it can be achieved and generate value: customers are authenticated when they sync their account, and they are not rewarded for their level of ‘influence’ but for spreading the word on twitter and using their Amex card at a selection of preferred merchants.

Social influence vs. fake followers

If I always salute those social experiments aiming to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world and drive loyalty on the back of it, the ones based essentially on quantity (number of followers, fans or subscribers) make me feel uneasy.  Indeed, nowadays it’s far too easy to buy an enormous amount of fake, low quality followers on the cheap and quickly delivered.

Twitter Underground Economy How To Buy Twitter Followers

To give you a better idea of the scale of the twitter underground economy, I invite you to check out an insightful piece of research published by Barracuda Labs last year.

Buy 30,000 twitter followers delivered in 24h on Fiverr

Now, please let me illustrate my point.  To benefit from this special offer based on your #SocialCurrency, nothing prevent you from quickly creating a dummy email address and a brand new twitter account from scratch, incomplete and with poor quality information.

Then, you’d want to buy a twitter followers gig on Fiverr like this one ‘I will 30000 twitter followers for $5‘.

Fiverr Buy 30000 fake twitter followers in 24h

With this method, you’ve already successfully generated 30,000 / 500 = $60 worth of discount from a $5 investment.

So you think it’s impressive?  Let’s not stop there.

Then, you’d be happy to invest 2mn of your precious time to take a picture of yourself in the store and share it with your fake followers (essentially bots based in Asia) to claim an additional $20 discount.

Total discount generated from your ‘huge’ social media follower base acquired over night: $80.  Value to the brand: none.

I trust you got the gist of it: it’d be cheap, quick and easy to reach the $500 cap by simply replicating this method to Instagram, Facebook and any of the other social media channels covered.

But Don’t be a Fool

Not only those fake twitter followers won’t listen to you or generate any level of meaningful engagement, they are very likely to badly impact your brand.  Indeed, it’s rather easy to spot the fakers.

And if the overall look of a profile, including poor and missing information, the appalling quality of its content, fully automated and in broken English, and the high ratio following/followers are not enough, I invite you to use an online service like the SociaBakers Fake Followers app.

how to check fake twitter followers

Unarguably, the potential of social selling and the voice of the customer is tremendous for retailers.  This is precisely why I’m hoping that experiment from the trendy OnePiece brand will be the catalyst we desperately needed to take the conversations about social media following, social influence and personal branding to a more strategic level.  No, the size of your twitter follower base doesn’t tell the whole story.  And in isolation, it certainly doesn’t prove your authority or influence.

It’s time to design more meaningful and more value-driven influencer identification and engagement strategies.

You must assess the overall levels of both authority and value to your brand of your social media followers: 1. holistically, taking into account the full extent of their social and digital presence, 2. in context and 3. over a relevant period of time.

Can you even answer those two essential questions: what’s the real identity of those social media users?  Are they already customers?  Your answers will impact your ability to derive business value from social insights.

Last but not least, what if today a dozen of young New Yorkers followed the approach detailed above to successfully claim their significant discount at the OnePiece #SocialCurrency pop-up store and then subsequently shared their trick with their family and friends on their real, valuable social media profiles?

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Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

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