Nedbank and Social Media

Nedbank’s Exec: ‘Social Media Is Key To Customer Engagement’

Social media through mobile devices are becoming more and more popular with usage growing exponentially. According to Nedbank’s Exec it is the best way to engage clients and customers.

Nedbank and Social MediaNedbank’s Managing Executive for Client Engagement, Anton de Wet, also agrees while at a speaking engagement on the first day of the Internet Show Africa held at the Sandton Convention Centre.

He also noted that the current trends point to a communication revolution because of the different ways to communicate and that going digital plays a very important role in this revolution. It is evident in the way people use mobile technology.

Every minute, about 168 million emails are sent, 695,000 Facebook updates and 98,000 tweets.

Banks need to embrace technology and find a way to incorporate it into their services to be able to tap those who are frequent bank customers and the un-banked.

Mobile platforms are the most popular forms of social media interaction among users. Using mobile and social media brings banks and their services closer to the customers.

Key Stats

  • 168 million emails are sent every 60 seconds
  • 695,000 Facebook book updates occur every 60 seconds
  • 98,000 tweets are sent every 60 seconds

Anton de Wet, Nedbank Managing Executive, Client Engagement: “Social media is key and new way to engage with our clients. It is much more fresh, exciting,  fun and relevant – and realtime live.  We are certainly open to the social media and mobile payment platforms that exist in the market, but far more inclined to see what we can do as a bank… we are mindful of the fact that there are many smart guys out there in the market … but where we can, it is more a bank-led initiative.”


Are your banking executives as enthusiastic and committed to embrace social media and digital innovation than Anton and Nedbank?

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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