Mobile Banking Android Apps As Important As iPhone iPad Apps [Mobile Banking]

Mobile Banking: Android Apps As Important As iPhone iPad Apps

St. George and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia will now consider Android apps as important as iPhone iPad Apps.

Mobile Banking Android Apps As Important As iPhone iPad Apps [Mobile Banking]As more Australians use Android phones, two of the country’s biggest banks are changing their approach when it comes to the development of important mobile applications.

Since the emergence of mobile banking, financial institutions rolled applications on iPhones first and later on Android devices.

According to St George’s (@StGeorgeBank) head of mobile, Travis Tyler, Android has already overtaken iOS as the most used operating system in Australia. Android jumped from 15% to 25%-30% of active users.

45% of St. George customers use Android devices of various Samsung Galaxy incarnations. The bank is looking to design applications for bigger phones and may also release an updated BlackBerry operating system soon.

According to Commonwealth Bank of Australia‘s (@CommBank) tech chief Michael Harte, despite the mobile apps made for iPhone, the bank was also pursuing an application that would work on any device, making them channel-independent, carrier-independent, and device-independent.

Although Android is a good place to attract users and developers, the bank does not want to be indebted to Google and be available to Google customers only. Thus, they will be uninterested to the volatility of the Smartphone market and accept the fact that the choices of customers are more important.

Key Stats

    • Android has jumped from less than 15% to 25%-30% of users
    • 45% of them are on various Samsung Galaxy incarnations

Travis Tyler, Head of Mobile of St George Bank“To execute on our strategy we need to be where our customers are, so if they are choosing to use an Android phone then they can’t be penalised for that by not having access to the latest apps.”

Michael Harte, Tech Chief of Commonwealth Bank of Australia: “In the long game we are device-independent, carrier-independent and channel-independent, because the customer is going to use whichever device they choose.” (@FinancialReview)

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