Lloyds Banking Group Reaches 1B Online Banking Log-Ons, 3M Mobile Banking Users

Lloyds Banking Group Tops 1B Online Banking Log-Ons, 3M Mobile Banking Users

As of December 20, 2012, Lloyds Banking Group reaches 1 billion online banking log-ons, 3 million mobile banking users across Bank of Scotland, Halifax, and Lloyds TSB.

Lloyds Banking Group Reaches 1B Online Banking Log-Ons, 3M Mobile Banking UsersIn the past year, the Group has seen its active online banking customers increase by 1.1M to 9.3M and has grown the number of its mobile banking users to 3M. In fact one third of the online banking log-ons are made via a mobile device.

According to Lloyds Banking Group‘s (@LloydsBanking) Managing Director of Group Digita, Ashley Machin, this achievement demonstrates that customers are living and banking through technology and its applications.

This year, Lloyds banking group has used its digital channels to transform relationships with customers by introducing several services and features that will make banking easy. These include:

                  • Lloyds TSB App used for online banking and locating the nearest branch and cash machine
                  • Halifax Homefinder App enables property searches
                  • Camera estimates how much they can borrow, add pictures, ratings and comments on properties
                  • Lloyds TSB Money manager for grater finance understanding and control
                  • eSavings account, Internet Server Account, Online Saver
                  • Online International Payments enables online banking to make online payments around the world
                  • Quicker and simple business banking
                  • Affordable loan options
                  • Manage mortgages online such as checking details of the account for the past year, and subaccount details
                  • 2013 plans

Key Stats

  • Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland, and Halifax celebrate their one-billion customer log-ons
  • 1B log-ons equal the total UK population multiplied 16 times
  • The number of online banking customer increased by 1.1M to 9.3M and the number of mobile banking customers reached over 3M since last year
  • 1/3 of the online banking log-ons are made via mobile devices

Ashley Machin, Managing Director of Group Digital at Lloyds Banking Group: “We need to make sure customers can bank with us where they live their lives, which is why Lloyds Banking Group has and will continue to make major investments in its digital channels.”

Source: 4-traders.com (@ForTraders)

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