Links 2-8 August 2010 – Social Media News in Banking, Finance, Insurance

Please find below 10 blog posts and articles you may have missed last week.

Call for banks to use Twitter to communicate (by Jenny Sanderson on topclick media)
Interesting Study by Virgin Media Business in the UK whose results come as no surprise. Customers are tweeting banks to express their anger or ask their questions (at a rate of 180 tweets per day according to Virgin Media Business), but on the other hand banks don’t respond. Are they even listening?…

As part of my Visible Banking Twitter Watch series, I am tracking over 65 accounts from financial institutions in the UK. Surprisingly, Lloyds TSB is the only bank to have launched a twitter account dedicated to customer support… Where are the likes of first direct and Metro Bank?

Kuwait Finance House launches social media campaign (on AME info)
Kuwait Finance House launches a competition on its facebook page to win one iphone 4 every day during Ramadan. The bank has done a good job engaging with its community on their facebook page which counts over 4,630 fans. They are also on twitter where their audience is still relatively small with 321 fans. The bank is not following any tweeps.

Habt Ihr heute schon Geld getwittert? (by Burkhard Schneider)
Another article from Germany on one of the most transparent and engaging financial institutions worldlwide, Ficoba / Fidor AG and their CEO, the visionary Matthias Kroener. I invite you to watch my interview with my friend Matthias.

VB Facebook Flash #4 – Automated Job Push on Twitter, Facebook Page Moderation & Promotion by BNP Paribas and Credit Cooperatif
I invite you to check 4 posts I published on the Visible Banking Facebook Page last week. I believe you will find my comments and insights useful in order to improve your level of engagement on communities like twitter or facebook. I look forward to reading your comments!

Benchmarking competitor use of social media using The Social Media Balance Sheet™ (by AnnMarie Hanlon on smart insights)
I like the idea behind this post. But this is a basic review of the top 10 UK FTSE 100 companies and their social media presence. I decided to flag it as it includes a few financial institutions. The results of the quick audit are not exactly accurate: Lloyds TSB is on twitter, HSBC on youtube (via its HSBC Business Network), Barclays / Barclaycard have launched over 10 twitter accounts in the last 18 months…
But  blog post are meant to start conversations right? 😉

Every week, I find more and more articles focused on social media and its impact on the insurance industry. Most of them are focused on the intermediary market, the agents, who desperatly need to increase their online presence and their leadership. Social media has a huge part to play in B2B and B2B2C.
27 Ways Social Media is Making Insurance Cool (by NBrown on Insurance Marketing HQ)
“Get Out Of My Facebook” – An Insurance Industry Innovator’s Guide To Social Media (by Maria Umbach on the Innovation Engine Community)
Using Social Media in the Health Insurance Industry (by Akshay Sura on Web Data Source)
Are you chasing leads or are leads chasing you? (by NBrown on Insuance Marketing HQ)
The Game of Insurance (by Terry Golesworthy on customer think)
This is a short review of American Family’s iAmFam virtual game. I planned to cover it ten days ago, but I still didn’t find the time to shoot my short video…

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VB Facebook Flash #4 – Automated Job Push on Twitter, Facebook Page Moderation & Promotion by BNP Paribas and Credit Cooperatif

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