Linkedin Reaches 200M Members 2M In Financial Services

INFOGRAPHIC: Linkedin Reaches 200M Members, 2M In Financial Services

LinkedIn reaches 200 million members including 2 million members from the financial services sector. These numbers represent over 200 countries and territories, and are presented in 19 different languages.

Linkedin Reaches 200M Members 2M In Financial ServicesThe bulk of LinkedIn members, about 74 million, are from the United States, 7 million from Canada, 11 million from Brazil, 11 million from United Kingdom, and 18 million from India.

The fastest growing countries in terms of financial services are Turkey, Colombia, and Indonesia. Leading nations in terms of mobile growth include China, Brazil, Portugal, India, and Italy.

Approximately, 2 people create a LinkedIn account every second. This means that LinkedIn registers roughly 172,800 new members every day.

LinkedIn is utilized by the largest industries in the world. 4 million of its members come from information technology and services. 2 million is used by the financial services industry. 1.95 million of its members has achieved a higher education. 1.65 million is from computer software industry and 1.59 is from telecommunications.

LinkedIn’s most followed members are: the English business magnate and owner of Virgin groups of companies Richard Branson (@richardbranson); the US President Barack Obama (@BarackObama); the famous American alternative medicine practitioner Deepak Chopra(@DeepakChopra); the self-help author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins); and the CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner (@jeffweiner).

LinkedIn has the 5th largest social media population with a population equal to France, Italy, and UK combined.

Linkedin Reaches 200M Members, 2M In Financial Services

Key Stats

  • LinkedIn has over 200 million members with representation from 200 countries and serves in 19 languages
  • 74 million of its members come from the US, 7M from Canada, 11M from Brazil, 11M from UK, and 18M from India
  • LinkedIn registers approximated 172,800 members daily
  • LinkedIn is used by 4M of information technology and services industry, 1.65M of computer software, 1.59M of telecommunications, 2M of financial services, and 1.65 of people with higher education
  • LinkedIn has the 5th largest population the social media
  • Its most followed members are Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Jeff Weiner


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Written by Christophe Langlois

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