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If you know me, you probably know how passionate I am about social networking and Linkedin.

Earlier this year, Linkedin launched Linkedin Answers, a similar service to Yahoo! Answers. Linkedin goals were to better engage their members, leverage their network of contacts and improve the traffic to the site.

I found a couple of interesting questions on Internet Banking, Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

From Rob Findlay, Blogger/Founder at TheBankChannel (Australia)
How big will mobile banking be?
– 23 answers (09 August 07) – posted in July 07

What do personalised and next generation banking websites look like?
– 13 answers (09 August 07) – posted in July 07
– Rob used a post by my colleague James Garner, Head of Innovation at Lloyds TSB and fellow blogger

From Sergio Coelho, IT Project Manager at Grupo CS (Portugal)
Are you happy with your current online banking experience?
– 13 answers (09 August 07) – posted in July 07
– Best Answer by Jof Walters, Owner at Start Up or Die Trying (UK)
– Respondents shared their satisfaction with their banks online: BoA, firstdirect, Amex., BBVA and TD Canada Trust.

From Gregor McKelvie, Business Development Manager at Mapa (UK)
What major developments will we see in Online Banking over the next 5 years?
– 12 answers (09 August 07) – posted in August 07
– Most respondents talked about social lending, peer-to-peer, mobile banking and payments.

From Martin Kaufmann, Vice President at Gemini Executive Search  at (Switzerland)
Online banking – which bank offers the most interesting online banking features in your opinion?
– 5 answers (09 August 07) – posted in May 07
– Best Answer by Franz Bondy, Partner at Global Trans-Action (Luxembourg)
– Most respondents are based in the US. I am surprised nobody talked about Wells Fargo: I am not a customer, but it is one of the most innovative banks online. I would also talk about the customer demand for Personal Finance tools and the excellent Wesabe.

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

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