Social Advisor: Mallow Street Bond Vigilantes
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Two Leading UK Social Advisors: Bond Vigilantes And Mallow Street [Social Media Week]

In his second guest article on Visible Banking, Simon Ryan – Social Media Manager at Aviva UK – shares his thoughts on the session he chaired at the recent Social Media Week London with a special focus on ‘Bond Vigilantes’ (blogging) and ‘Mallow Street’ (online community).

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Social Advisor: Mallow Street Bond Vigilantes

In his second article, Simon Ryan – Customer Innovation, Digital Marketing and Social Media at Aviva shares his enthusiasm for two leading initiatives championing the social advisor in the UK: the ‘Bond Vigilantes’ blog by M&G and the ‘Mallow Street’ online community by Redington Investment Consultants.


Last week I chaired an event for London’s Social Media Week entitled Business as usual social media in a laggard B2B sector.  Some of the themes from my previous blog for Visible Banking were discussed and we heard from some leading examples of B2B financial services firms where social media forms part of their business as usual engagement.

Our audience really engaged with those best practice examples, so I thought this week I would showcase them to an even wider audience through Visible Banking.

M&G – Bond Vigilantes
Launched nearly six years ago, Bond Vigilantes is a weekly blog by fund managers dealing in bonds for fund manager M&G. The blog has traced one of the most explosive periods in fixed income investing from the early signs of the US property credit bubble bursting to the current European sovereign debt crisis.

Supported by a twitter stream with close to 5,000 followers, the blog is read by M&G clients, competitors, and followers such as investment consultants, IFAs and journalists.

This is a great example of becoming a social advisor through sharing content that is of value to M&G investor communities based on sound research. I think what especially helps the Bond Vigilantes content to stimulate conversations among peers is the easy nature by which it is written.  The unique way they see the world and write about is the glue between the Bond Vigilantes blog and their extensive and growing audience that are increasingly being converted into clients.

Redington Investment Consultants
Redington is an independent investment consulting firm that works with institutional investors to handle the most challenging time we have seen for long term investors in a long while. Founded in May 2006 by November 2011 they earned the position to help their pension scheme clients to manage over £200 billion of assets.  In a market place dominated by a few multi-national multi-disciplinary firms, this is phenomenal growth.

Redington, like it’s larger competitors, generates regular content that stimulates conversations among peers and demonstrates expertise in their field. Where Redington differs from its peers is in approach to how it distributes it through social media platforms where informed dialogue can take place and new ideas flourish.

But they don’t stop at the mainstream social media sites, Linked In, Facebook and even Pinterest. They built their own social network. Mallow Street. Mallow Street is for the whole defined benefit pension industry; Redington clients, clients of other firms, suppliers to those clients and even Redington’s competitors.

Both of these firms have learned how to engage current and potential clients through an intelligent dialogue and multiplying its reach through the power of their networks.

Both firms demonstrating the value of being social advisors:

  • Expertise + Familiarity = Trust
  • Trust X Network / Good Performance = Social Advisors
  • Social Advisors = Successful Business

Important Information
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You are a financial advisor in the UK who has already enjoyed success with social media?  What do you think of ‘Mallow Street’ and ‘Bond Vigilantes’?  Can you see the value of spending time interacting and building leadership on those two communities?

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Written by Simon Ryan

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