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KBank Provides ‘Lifestyle’ Banking Via Social Media And Digital

KBank Provides 'Lifestyle' Banking Via Social Media And Digital

Kbank provides ‘Lifestyle’ banking via social media, digital innovations and SoLoMo services. Kbank aims to increase its digital banking division by over 40% and expand its customer base to 6.5 million next year.

KBank Provides 'Lifestyle' Banking Via Social Media And DigitalMobile services like the K-Merchant on Mobile in partnership with Nok Air will provide payment services and ticket reservations via smartphones. It also features the idea of everywhere commerce in partnership with Clinique to provide payment via K-Payment Gateway using Kbank’s internet debit cards or credit cards.

Kbank (@KBank_Live) was the first to develop online banking in Thailand in 2005 and SMS service alerts in 2008. It was also the first bank to offer SIM banking by launching ATM SIM with DTAc in 2009.

It was also first to introduce K-Mobile Banking PLUS, a mobile banking service across all OSs, phones, and networks. Moreover, it was first to open a banking search engine web portal this year, askKBank.com.

Recently, Kbank launched a campaign with a Bt40 million integrated marketing plan to inspire customers to make their dreams come true using the bank’s digital services. The campaign commercial, the White Witch, will be aired online and on TV.

According to the bank of Thailand data, Kbank is the top player with at least 8 million accounts in digital banking. It makes up 60% of all the account with 4.6 million accounts. Kbank also holds 70% of the internet shopping market, taking about half of all online financial transactions.

Kbank Live has over 340,000 Facebook fans, making it the most active in the industry’s social media engagement. This will also help establish the leadership of the bank in lifestyle banking services.

Key Stats

  • Kbank expects to increase its digital banking division by 40% and its customer base to 6.5 million
  • Kbank is number one in digital banking accounting for 60% (4.6 million) of the over 8 million accounts

Pakorn Partanapat, Executive Vice President: “We aim to be a ‘lifestyle’ bank. We are No 1 in digital banking with a digital service strategy that helps us fit into our customers’ busy, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles where electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks have become important assets in our lives, and in our banking needs.”

Source: nationmultimedia.com (@nationnews)

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