Introducing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ Series on Visible Banking

I am delighted to officially launch the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC) series on Visible Banking where real people, regular customers, will share their thoughts and expectations on high profile social media activities from banks and insurers all over the world. No social media gurus allowed here!

I’ve been covering and championing the topics of social media and digital engagement in financial services on the Visible Banking blog since 4th February 2007.

As I mentioned in my first published book, ‘customer experience without borders: a practical guide to social media in financial services‘, if it is important to have a good vision and identify the key trends in digital innovation and engagement, it is critical to do the basics well.  You must spend as much time as needed to learn and understand the leading social media channels like facebooktwitter, blogs or youtube, make sure to do a good job publishing relevant, highly visible, content and engage with your communities.

Nowadays, it is rare to find a bank, an insurer, even an asset manager, without some kind of facebook or twitter presence.  Even central banks have started to ‘engage’ with their audience on twitter.  But it is one thing to launch a facebook page or a twitter account.  It is another matter to successfully build your ‘communities’, then connect and engage with your fans and followers.

So are financial institutions the ones to blame?  Yes and no.  They usually don’t have the expertise internally, so they hugely rely on their digital agencies which poorly advise them on their social media strategy.  Agencies still don”t get the financial services industry, they always use the same best practices (the likes of Starbucks, Dell, Ford, Coca Cola…), they focus on campaigns and not long term engagement.

And if you add the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of self-procclaimed social media ‘gurus’, ‘blackbelts’ and other ‘ninjas’… There is too much noise.  There is too much noise, and not enough focus on the people who matter the most, your customers.  And at the end of the day, it is your customers who will dictate the success of your social media activities.  They are the ones who will make or break your online reputation.

Over the last four years, I’ve interviewed some of the most knowledgeable and visionnary financial services professionals such as Andy Lark – Chief Marketing and Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia or Tim Collins – SVP Experiental Marketing at Wells Fargo.

You know I’m always keen to find new ways, better ways, to share my passion and experience on Visible Banking.  For instance, you surely noticed I raised the frequency of my video comments and I aim to do more and more video blogging via the Web TV section.

Read Articles from Regular Customers
Loyal readers, you know how much I like the topics of crowdsourcing and the ‘Voice of the Customer’.  It was an old goal of mine to leverage the Visible Banking platform to give a voice to other people sharing a passion, a vision, or a view (positive or negative) for social media and digital engagement.

So earlier this year, I have started to recruit the Visible Banking Stars, a group of thought leaders working in financial services all over the world.  Now, I officially launch the ‘Voice of the Customer’(VOC) series where real people, regular customers, will share their thoughts and expectations on high profile social media activities from banks and insurers.

In the last month or so, we have been busy building a virtual team of contributors.  I am delighted to confirm that we’ve collected feedback so far from banking customers based in the US, India, Bulgaria, and Pakistan.  We are in the process to add contributors from the UK, the Philippines, South Africa, Canada, Italy and France.

I hope you will like this innovative, and I believe unique, approach and you will enjoy reading those articles directly from the mouth of your target audience.

Your comments are welcome!  And if you know of any potential contributors willing to express themselves and reach a global audience of financial services professionals, please invite them to email us

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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