25 Mobile Financial Services Tweets from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014

Mark Thomson Richard Pemberton Richard Braham Kevin Burns at the Mondato Summit Europe 2014

Twitter and photo coverage from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014: mobile banking, mobile payments, hacking, social media and the future of mobility.

Mark Thomson Richard Pemberton Richard Braham Kevin Burns at the Mondato Summit Europe 2014I was invited to deliver a session on day 2 of the Mondato Summit Europe 2014, ‘The Impact of Social(Media) on Future Mobile Adoption‘.

In my brand new presentation, I shared my views on the transformational impact of social media in driving mobile banking and mobile payment adoption and usage.

I also highlighted a number of best practices, services and technologies available now such as the PayPal-owned Venmo‘s social payment community, the newly launched JiFi service by Kotak Bank -a social banking service on twitter, facebook and mobile- or Chirpify‘s social media ‘actiontags’ (hashtags driving conversion within facebook, twitter, instagram…).

I’d like to thank the audience and my fellow speakers for their excellent feedback, it’s much appreciated especially with a brand new presentation and format.

Congratulations to Judah Levine and his Mondato Team for putting together such a rich and diverse speaker line up which produced a number of memorable sessions like the brainy panel discussion about ‘the benefits of education consumers’ and the complexity of pension funds with Christopher Sier who videoed in from the Harvard Business School.

And a special mention to Jo Bertram – Uber UK’s General Manager, and INSEAD and McKinsey alumni, who kicked off day 2 with the Uber story and by sharing their USPs and achievements to date.  The way Uber has disrupted a well-established industry thanks to their smart and efficient mobile platform (including a seamless mobile payment integration) and maths algorithms resonates with the innovation and digital leaders in the financial services industry.

Uber’s success is a great testimony to the symbiosis between tech and big data.  And the opportunities to leverage their platform are endless.

I invite you you read my friend Aman Narain‘s guest post on Visible Banking, ‘10 Lessons Banks Can Learn From a Limo Company [Uber Innovation]‘.

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Key topics and insights from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014

The Mondato team did an excellent job producing two comprehensive wrap up articles on their blog.

Day 1: The Mobile Wave, Banking & Hacking
This week we are reporting live from Level39 at Canary Wharf in London, where we have just wrapped up the first day of our first-ever Mondato Summit Europe. Even more exciting than the beautiful view of London was the caliber of the day’s speakers and panelists, who offered their perspectives on some of the most pressing questions on MFS: security, big data, and how to navigate the uncertainty within the rising industry…
More on the Mondato blog.  More on Storify.

Day 2: Uber, Robots & the Future of Mobility
The second day of the Mondato Summit Europe launch event was no less exciting than the first, bringing to the stage some of the leading influencers in mobile financial services (MFS), who spoke about spurring consumer adoption in MFS, how retailers can innovate in the m-commerce space, what the future of mobility will look like and how we can get there. While the conversations were great in person, they were also very lively online – and we captured this Storify of some of the top tweets of the day…
More on the Mondato blog.  More on Storify.

I also invite you to read Daniel Lowther’s coverage of day 1 ‘Bitcoin, Betamax and Tooth Brushes: Key takeaways from the Mondato Summit Europe‘.

My photo coverage of the Mondato Summit Europe 2014

As usual I’ve been busy not only capturing as much content and insights as possible,  but also taking dozens of photos.  You will find a few photos from the event below, and a larger selection directly on my google+ page.

25 mobile financial services tweets from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014

The volume of conversations on twitter was modest with only 196 #mondatosummit tweets generated by 56 twitter users with a potential reach of about 300,000 twitter followers (aggregated number including duplicates, inactive and ‘fake’ accounts).

Among respectively the most influential and the most active twitter users you will find the likes of the Jumio Team (@jumio), Claire B-Jones (@IamMissJones), Michael Parson (@BitcoinByte), Richard Fogg (@TelcoGeek), the MEF Team (@MEF) and Kevin Burns (@kbefc), Aneet Morar (@antmorar), Duena Blomstrom (@DuenaBlomstrom), Daniel Lowther (@prmonkeyman), the miicard Team (@miicard).

Getting a better grasp of the top digital marketing trends and innovations is of paramount importance to any brands, whatever the sector, including the highly regulated financial services industry.

Best tweets, quotes and insights from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014
Please note that my methodology consisted of curating the most retweeted and the most favorited tweets, as well as a selection of some insightful tweets which in my opinion deserved more visibility.

1/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

2/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

3/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

4/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

5/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

6/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

7/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

8/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

9/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

10/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

11/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

12/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

13/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

14/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

15/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

16/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

17/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

18/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

19/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

20/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

21/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

22/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

23/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

24/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

25/25 Mondato Summit Europe 2014

What are your favourite tweets, quotes and insights from the Mondato Summit Europe 2014 conference?  I invite you to share your views on the future of mobile financial services here, on twitter or on google+.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London, Christophe is an entertaining social media keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of social media, social business and digital innovation.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is 'Social Media Senior Managing Consultant' at IBM Interactive Experience. He's also a Digital Advisor at the Financial Services Forum and the Moller Centre (part of the Churchill College in Cambridge).

Christophe's views on are his own, not necessarily his employer's.

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  1. Christophe,

    I applaud your tweet summaries from the various events you go to. It is great to hear how thought leaders would frame their most important takeaways in fewer than 140 characters.

    Kevin Burns’ tweet about predictive retail resonated with me the most, especially because it is just as relevant to the banking industry. Data has traditionally been used in order to segment customers, but with more sources of data being analyzed, we are seeing a move towards segmentation of one.’ An example is personalization of credit offers. Instead of segmenting customers into buckets of desired product features, new technology allows for customers themselves to pick exactly what they want, which increases acceptance rates.

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