ING Recruits Next Gen Bankers Via Social Media Contest on Facebook

ING Recruits Next Gen Bankers Via Social Media Contest on Facebook

ING (@ING_News) recruits next gen bankers via social media contest on Facebook. ING has launched a unique social media campaign in order to create a future with their customers as supported by a clear communication between bankers and customers.

ING Recruits Next Gen Bankers Via Social Media Contest on FacebookCEMS and AIESEC also play an important role to reach and engage the target audience of the campaign.

Children ages 7 to 10 will challenge the next generation of bankers by posing a question on a specific financial topics every week on the ING Careers Facebook page in the form of a short video.

Anyone who is considering a banking career will send a clear answer that these can children can understand.

The vice chairman of ING, Koos Timmermans, states that the ability of a person to explain complex financial issues can help strengthen the trust of customers, resulting to a sustainable and financially healthy future.

ING plans to create a unique children’s book about banking from the most inspiring answers submitted during the campaign. The vice chairman will personally recognize and respond to the most impressive contributors.

With this campaign, ING aims to create preference and awareness among the graduates. The campaign will run for five weeks, starting January 11, 2013 to February 15, 2013. It will take place in countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Poland, and Spain.

The First Challenge – Why Do We Need Banks

There are a total of 28 answers posted on the ING Careers Facebook page, here is an interesting answer posted by a Ezra Hortensius.

“There are many reasons we need banks but maybe the following is the most important one. Imagine you really love birds and want to make a birdhouse and sell them. Not only for your parents but also for your neighbors, grandma and teacher. They know you are good at this.

So lets start! What do we need? We need a hammer, some wood, nails and a saw. But you don’t have this so you first need money to go to the store and buy it. This is where the bank is important. The bank wants to loan you the money. You only need to tell them you are going to sell some birdhouses and they give the money to you. With this money you can buy the hammer, wood, nails and saw. You are ready to build some amazing bird houses.

After a couple of days of hard work you can sell the birdhouses to your parents, grandma and teacher. You made some money, little entrepreneur! Now you can give the bank his money back with a little bit extra. This extra money we call interest, with which the bank also makes some money.

But where does the bank got the money from? From other people, to keep it for them . And now you gave the money back to the bank, the bank can give it back to the people. Also with a little bit extra so the people also make some money. So you made some money, the bank made some money and the people who put their money at the bank did.

And there you have it. That is basically why banks are important. And with the same reason people can start a supermarket, buy a house or get something else they really need. As long as they can pay the money back and people put money at the bank. Hopefully this makes things a bit easier.”

Koos Timmermans, Vice Chairman of ING: “The ability to explain complex financial issues in a very clear and transparent way helps strengthen trust with our customers, which is a prerequisite for a sustainable and financially healthy future.”

New Generation Banking
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First Challenge
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Source: (@ING_News)

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In your opinion, can such a simple social media contest on facebook -which captures entries via comments- help ING bank attract international talent?  I’m keen to assess the overall quality of the participants and their contributions, and find out how ING will use the entries to extend the reach of the campaign.

We invite you to share your thoughts about the role of social media in finance, here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.

What do you think?

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