Happy Blog Anniversary to Nykredit! Also… and Video Interview

The Nykredit team has been busy in 2007: they launched an interactive video service, their award winning WebDesk service, a blog, an idea generation plartform, and a few Rich Internet Apps (RIAs).

The Nykredit team started blogging on 14th June 2007. Happy 2-year anniversary!

VB-Anniversary-NykreditBlogLet me give you a few stats I gathered while updating myVisible Banking Blog Watch: on 31st May 2009 they had published a total of 114 posts since creation which represents a decent 1.13 post per week and place them in the first half in terms of activity.

Online TV
Banks in Denmark saw online tv as a big opportunity for lead generation and changing people’s perception of their company.
Just like Jyske Bank, Nykredit also has its own dedicated online TV site (launched in Q3 2008). Last time I talked to the Nykredit team, in Athens back in November 2008, they were not considering to be on YouTube. It looks like they changed their mind: I have noticed they created a NykreditTV channel on the most popular video sharing site back in February 2009.

In my Visible Banking YouTube Watch, they currently are the 5th most active financial institutions in terms of upload with a total of 89 videos. Nevertheless, it looks like very few people watched them considering that their most watched video has been viewed only 119 times which is low even by banking industry standards (based on stats collected on 2nd June 2009)

Interview with Thomas Kragh, Chef Internet, and Lene Klausen, Project Consultant
I invite you to watch the video interview I shot with Thomas and Lene in Athens at EFMA’s Online Financial Services 2008.

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