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Happy Birthday to Aaron Patzer, Founder & CEO at Mint.com!

Happy Birthday Aaron!
I love this picture of you Aaron. Thanks again for flagging it on your facebook page yesterday:“Don’t quite know how the media found this picture of me for my Business Network interview…”
Perfect timing for my birthday post. šŸ˜‰

Not only Aaron looks strong (cf the picture) and wears green most of the time,Ā cnnlabeled him a hero last year, he is a great guy to hang around with. I had the pleasure to meet with Aaron several times in the US and I look forward to catching up with him in London soon.

Aaron isĀ a great inventor and also an outstanding entrepreneur a bit like his own hero Thomas Edison.Ā He did an amazing job building in just a couple of years one of the most exciting, valuable, and successful services in the Online Finance world,Ā Mint.com, recently acquired by Intuit for about $170 million.

Aaron’s vision for Mint: turn the savings rate for people under 40 from negative to positive taking the pain out of budgeting. Budgeting made easy. Simple yet brilliant and so needed.

You can find Aaron onĀ linkedin, onĀ twitter, and obviously onĀ google.

Media Coverage
I invite you to read four of the most recent interviews with Aaron:
1.Ā Mint Founder Aaron Patzer: How Gen Yers Can Sell Big Ideas
2.Ā How This Kid Made $170 Million in Two Years
Aaron shares his advice on how to build a successful business.
* Step 1: Create a product that makes a difficult, tedious task easy and fun
* Step 2: Choose a market that’s really, really big.
* Step 3: Develop a business model that actually allows you to, well, make money.
* Step 4: Don’t pay to acquire customers. Ever.
* Step 5: Be a compete stickler about who you hire.
3.Ā Mintā€™s Aaron Patzer: ā€œWe Will End-Of-Life Quicken Onlineā€ In 6 to 9 Months
4.Ā Making Mint.com: Aaron Patzer on the one-click future of personal finance

Interview @ Finovate 2009 in NYC
I invite you to checkĀ my post about Aaron’s demo at Finovate 2009.

Interview @ FinovateStartup 2008 in San Francisco
I invite you to checkĀ my post about Aaron’s demo at FinovateStartup08.

Interview @ Finovate 2007 in NYC
I invite you to checkĀ my post about Aaron’s demo at Finovate 2007.

Mint.com: The Leader in Online Personal Finance ManagementĀ 

In just two years,Ā MintĀ built an active user base of over 1,5 million people.


Mint’s Traffic
Please find below the latest stats fromĀ compete.com.

Mint’s Blog – ‘Mint Life’
This is another best practice in blogging this time. Aaron cleverly turnedĀ the Mint blogĀ into an online magazine, one of the most valuable destinations for money tips online. It is now a profit center with many advertising deals in place.


The Mint.com Page on Facebook
Mint has already over 38,000 passionate fans onĀ its Facebook page. There is a lot of activity on the page.

Mint on Twitter

@MintĀ has over 21,000 followers on twitter.


Mint’s Money Tweets on Twitter

Mint recently launchedĀ Money TweetĀ to keep track of valuable tweets for the Mint community.

Mint TV
There are currently 17 videos available onĀ the Mint YouTube channel.

Most Viewed Video on the Mint Channel with 293k views, 830+ five-star ratings and 840+ comments:Ā One Trillion Dollars Visualized from www.mint.com


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