Grupo BBVA Spreads and Promotes Crowdfunding [Customer Voice]

The Spanish Banking Group BBVA it’s trying to take advantage from crowdfunding with the creation of two platforms used to shorten distance between traditional banking and funding and a new a kind of banking, more social and transparent, able to create a feel of community in users.

This last years are for a lot of persons, years of economic diseases and sacrifices, even for business, projects and social causes having or finding founds is very hard.

Thanks to the internet and the great diffusion of social networks, a solution to this problem exists and is the crowdfunding, where a a lot people can share a little part of their own resources to sustain a project. An example of successful crowdfounfing was Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 when a lot of people gave their support to the future President with little donations.

The two platforms BBVA Family and Friends and BBVA Suma are very valuable for BBVA to improve and increase the trust and the confidence of citizens and they can make crowdfunding easier and quicker, so it’s helpful to extend this practice in the society more than ever.

BBVA Family and Friends permits to everyone to share a project or a wish, share this on social networks, blogs, emails, and ask people to donate, BBVA in this case works as a guarantee.

It is the quickest and easiest way to find founds on the internet, useful for all kind of private project or to buy something that we can’t afford. Personally I think that BBVA family opens the door of crowdfunding to everyone but in some aspect is a little bit ridiculous (for example when people  ask for money to buy an Iphone, is more charity than crowdfunding) and the entire BBVA Family and Friends project is a good way to promote BBVA image and to promote crowdfounfing than a useful tool for finding founds in an audience largest as possible, in spite of  possible use that users will make of the tool.

More serious is BBVA Suma where you can quickly donate for social causes, emergencies, disasters, help NGOs. The platform looks good and easy to use, you can quickly take a look to causes and donate where and how much you want, but according to my impression isn’t something very new because it looks like other platforms and communities like Avaaz: look, give and spread the word on social networks.

In summary, BBVA Family and Friends and BBVA Suma are very appreciable projects, especially if we think that they come from a banking group. BBVA in this case has the merit of spreading the use crowdfunding and sustaining innovations and technology and I think that for the objectives that they have are perfect as they are and they can’t be improved at this moment, but if we analyze other things that are on the internet they don’t represent any revolution.

What do you think?

Written by a Real Customer

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