GEICO Customer Gives 8/10 to Flo’s Facebook Page by Progressive Insurance

If you haven’t noticed, several major insurance companies today have given their company more of a persona with a special character; the Geico Gecko, the Aflac Duck, and of course Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl. All three of these characters have Facebook pages that represent their respective company, and I recently checked out Flo’s page.

Most people already realize that there are writers behind Flo’s antics, and as an internet marketer, I understand that the person who is most likely posting to Flo’s Facebook page is not actually Flo. However Flo, in my mind, is popular for her excellent personality that she seems to legitimately convey on Progressive’s commercials, and I was hoping that same attitude and light-hearted style she puts out would through on her Facebook page.

While I would hope that Progressive would most certainly do some heavy branding throughout Flo’s Facebook page, I would hope for even more amounts of humor to cheer up anytime I spent on Facebook once I started following her. The best and most active part of Flo’s Facebook page, and rightfully so is her wall. She’s constantly posting little jokes and pictures that worth a few shares in my mind, and even if I don’t share them, they usually give me a good laugh. They tie in very well with the persona in her commercials, and I feel like the commercial writers have a close tie with their Facebook page. “Her” posts are spaced pretty nicely apart, so there’s no need to feel she’s overcrowding your news feed.

The additional tabs of Flo’s Facebook page are less than impressive to say the least. With the exception of the availability of her commercials to watch at my leisure, there wasn’t much to the additional pieces of her Facebook page that really caught my eye.

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There are four Facebook apps that Flo (Progressive) offers out.

Superstore Shuffle game and Route-rageous are two games from Progressive that, in my opinion, were boring at best.

Flo-isms is actually pretty funny, and seems right in line with the sense of humor she gives off in her commercials. Flo’s Favorite Things lets you “share” things such as her name tag with other people on Facebook. These kindsof things are simple little tricks that are meant to get you interested in Progressive’s page and didn’t interest me very much.

On the other hand, Flo’s “Pants on Fire” app lets you play a “How well do you know me” type of game with a friend on Facebook. It’s quite humorous and entertaining to see what people know and don’t know about you, so it’s worth a share with someone who’s close to you. Again, I feel like this is another ploy for Progressive to get another like on their Facebook page.

Verdict: 8 / 10
All in all, I won’t be un-following Flo’s page anytime soon, but when it comes to Facebook, I’m always on the hunt for something that can make me laugh during a busy day at work. I would rate her page an 8 out of 10 when compared to other Facebook pages.

This wouldn’t make me switch from my current Geico insurance, as I’m very satisfied with the customer service that Geico provides to me, which is one thing that I think all insurance pages lack. These pages need to convey some sort of customer satisfaction to really get through to me when it comes to what their business is about.

More on the Author: Ken (US)
Ken is a 32-year old male from the United States. He is currently an internet marketer who focuses on SEO, paid search and social media. Ken spends several hours on Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis. He is currently a happy customer of Geico Auto Insurance.

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