Finovate 2008 Conference Demo Lineup – Comments & Expectations (part 1)

Finovate2008I hope you have already bought your ticket for Finovate 2008 in NYC on October 14th!

In the meantime, I invite you to check the conference demo lineupannounced on NetBanker two days ago. It is another promising line up from Jim and Eric.

Most of the shortlisted companies already demoed some of their innovative services at Finovate 2007 and/or FinovateStartup2008.

No Jwaala so far? Andrew, would you like to use this post to give us an update on your company and MoneyTracker, your award winning PFM solution for Banks and Credit Unions?

And where are the leaders in Social Lending? No Prosper? No Zopa? NoLendingClub?
ChrisDoug, Renaud, I invite you to leave a comment and update us on your latest achievements!

* BillShrink <>
BillShrink is a free service that recommends the best cell phone plan for you.

I haven’t met them in the past. I am curious to find out more about their service, their strategy, and see how it fits in the online finance space…

* Boulevard R <>
Boulevard R provides unbiased, independent financial advice with a different approach from the competition: they work with Certified Financial PlannersTM to create actionable, high-level financial plans to help their users reach their goals.

I spent some time with Matt Iverson, BoulevardR’s co-Founder & CEO, at FinovateStartup 2008. It will be interesting to get an update from Matt and find out the size of their network of experts, their number of users, and any new features or site redesign. 

* CheckFree <>
CheckFree is a provider of financial electronic commerce services and products. From powering electronic billing and payment, to automating financial transactions, to streamlining regulatory reporting tasks.

CheckFree provides a comprehensive online financial service suite. I found CheckFree’s presentation at the first Finovate solid and full of advanced, customizable, features. And that was a year ago. I invite you to watch myinterview with their Bob Homer, VP of Product Management. Very much looking forward to their demo.
Coverage on NetBanker

* Checkpoint <>
Check Point’s pure focus is on information security. CP offers total security solutions featuring a unified gateway, single endpoint agent and single management architecture.

This is not exactly a startup, the company was founded in 1993 and counts now 1,800 employees. They claim that 100% of Fortune 100 companies use Check Point security solutions. I am curious to see how they will fit with the other innovative, young, startups. I expect them to demo new, innovative, solutions.

* Credit Karma <>
Credit Karma brings credit report data to the Web. It is delivering an actual credit score computed by TransUnion, one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus. Note that Credit Karma has the backing from Prosper’s Chris Larsen.

I invite you to check my interview with Ken Lin, Founder & CEO. Let’s see how they are doing, and how they now compare with their competitors, and Quicken Loans.
Coverage on NetBanker

* Digital Insight (Intuit) <>
* Quicken Online (Intuit) <>
Since the acquisition of Digital Insight in 2007, Intuit’s goal is to create the next generation of online banking. With their flagship products like the famous Quicken, they help people manage their small businesses and personal finances.

It is going to be Intuit’s first demo(s!) at a Finovate event. Personal Finance Management is one of the most exciting areas of online finance. I can’t wait to see Quicken’s demo, new features, and see how they will respond to the current leaders in PFM online, Mint and Wesabe.

Even though it is going to be their first presentation, I met a few people from Digital Insight and Quicken at the previous two Finovate events in NYC and San Francisco.
If you are not sure about the value of Finovate, I invite you to follow Intuit’s example: come as a delegate, and I am confident you will apply to the next event.
Coverage on NetBanker

* FiLife (Dow Jones/IAC) <>
The unique joint effort between News Corp’s Dow Jones and IAC, is a cross between a personal finance tool like those powered by LeadFusion, a finance forum like FatWallet, a voting site such as Digg, and a full-blown magazine such as Money.

Coverage on NetBanker

* mFoundry <>
mFoundry is one of the leading providers of mobile banking solutions. 

I first met Drew Sievers, mFoundry’s CEO & co-Founder, back in March 2007 at the online_banking_summit organized by my friend  JJ Hornblass, CEO of the Royal Media Group. I caught up with Drew a few times in the us at Finovate and in London. Drew is an excellent presenter. I look forward to catching up with him.
Coverage on NetBanker

* Mint <>
I am not sure I need to introduce the successful anymore, but here you go…
Mint is the leader in online Personal Finance Management. Mint is a modern, powerful, easy and secure Web–based solution for online financial management.

According to NetBanker (source:, Mint’s traffic reached 460,000 unique visitors in July 2008. They recently redesigned their website with a strong focus on simplicity, as always.

Please check my two interviews with my friend Aaron Patzer,’s CEO & Founder, and a genuine online finance visionnary.
Coverage on NetBanker

* MoneyAisle (NeoSaej) <>
MoneyAisle is the next-generation online auction marketplace where consumers find great rates on bank CDs and High-Yield Savings accounts, absolutely free

They launched the service on June 9, 2008. Mukesh Chatter – President & CEO / Bob Watterson – Vice President, Bank Partnerships. They launched a one month contest in July to crate some buzz and drive user recruitment. But I can’t see any announcement post competition! (21/08/08)
When do you plan to publish the results?

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

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