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Financial Institutions Must Support Their Customers on Twitter (Slides + Links)

Please find below the presentation I will give today at SOMESSO Zurich 09 with all the relevant links.

Slide 2: Finovate 2009
Finovate 2009 – Visible Banking Wrap Up: Blog Coverage (#8) + Video Interviews (#16) + Tweeps (#35) + Pics (#120)

Slide 3: Visible Banking 100% Social Media
Visible Banking on Twitter
Visible Banking Page on Facebook

Slide 4: Visible-Banking.com: Exclusive Content
VB Interviews
VB Directory: Social Media Initiatives in Financial Services
VB Social Media Watch Series: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube

Slide 7: Still doubting the Power of Social Media?
The Facebook Group: HSBC Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Ripp-Off!!!
YouTube Video: Debtors Revolt Begins Now!
Video – UGC: YouTube Videos from Bank Detractors & Advocates

Slide 8: A Phased Approach to Social Media
Video – The Four Kinds of Social Media Projects

Slide 12: Wells Fargo 2.0
Video Interview: Tim Collins, SVP Experiental Marketing
Video Interview: Jim Smith, EVP – Head of Internet Services
Wells Fargo 2.0
Wells Fargo Blogs

Slide 13: Advanta, Ambassador for the SME Sector
Video Interview: Ami Kassar, Chief Innovation Officer
Ideablob.comBlobLive.com, EquityBiz.com

Slide 14: Severus CU’s “Young & Free in Alberta”
Slidehsare – Tim McAlpine’s “Young & Free: Building Relationships Through Social Media”

Slide 16: Twitter in Numbers
Visible Banking on Twitter: Follow @Visible_Banking
Giga Tweetcompete.com

Slide 19: Visible Banking Twitter Watch
Visible Banking Twitter Watch on Visible Banking (#13 updates so far)
Visible Banking Twitter Watch on Twitter (#VBTW)
Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series

Slide 20: FIs & Customer Services on Twitter
* @BofA_help, 1st Mariner Bank’s @FMBCustServ, @ANZ_Responds, @Ask_TDBank, @Ask_WellsFargo, @AskAmex, @AskPayPal, Blue Cross Blue Shield –  @BCBSOK – @BCBSTX  – @BCBSIL – @BCBSNM, @Westpac_help
More on the VB Social Media Directory

Slide 21: Start Now… Leverage Later

Slide 22: Follow Tweeple to DM Them & Listen

Slide 23: Smart Marketing & Social Media
Wachovia – Contact Us

Slide 24: Deal w/ Hacking & Don’t Be the Spammer!

* Financial Institutions + Spam + Twitter #2: Don’t Be The Spammer!

Slide 25: @Ask_WellsFargo – Best Practice

Slide 26: @UBank – Customer & Employee Advocacy
*  Breaking News (Video) – Social Media – UBank Launches their Time Capsule to Celebrate their Anniversary and Asks People to Upload Content
Visible Banking Twitter Watch: UBank (backed by NAB) Rewards its Followers by Giving them a free 1gb USB Flash

Slide 27: Twitter & ROI – Success Story 1

Slide 28: Twitter & ROI – Success Story 2

Slide 29: Twiter & ROI – Success Story 3

Slide 30: Innovation: Banking on Twitter

Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series: Tracking over 1,300 initiatives in 40+ countries
To find out more about social media in finance, I invite you to follow me on twitter, and check my four social media watch series:
Visible Banking Twitter Watch – 800+ accounts / 40+ countries
Visible Banking Facebook Watch – 250+ pages / 35+ countries
Visible Banking Blog Watch – 135+ blogs / 15+ countries
Visible Banking YouTube Watch – 165+ channels / 20+ countries

Visible Banking Quick Wins
Most of the time, you can identify a lot of areas for improvement, easy to fix, which would make your social media initiatives more successful:
* simplify and optimize your interface
* identify passionate contributors among your employees
* produce a stronger editorial line and more valuable content
* identify your influencers (advocates and detractors) and start building relationships with them asap
* promote your initatives on your own assets (public website, online banking…)
* fully leverage all the key social media sites to cross-market your initiatives and your content

VisibleBanking-SocialMedia-RewardAnd above all, find the best way to REWARD people for visiting, contributing, sharing, and promoting your initiatives!

I would be delighted to have a chat with you about your social media strategy, so please do not hesitate to call me on +44 7736 446 357 or send me an email to christophe[dot]langlois[at]visible-banking[dot]com.


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