Social Media And Mobile Strategies Earn Discover Top Call Center Awards

Discover Wins Top Call Center Awards in Social Media, Voice of the Customer, Mobile Banking

The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) named Discover as winner of the two 2012 Call Center Excellence awards.

Social Media And Mobile Strategies Earn Discover Top Call Center AwardsDiscover is a customer-focused company recognized for the quality of their service. The company focuses on building good relationships to their consumers by providing them a great experience with every interaction. Thus, it is the only company that has won in three award categories.

Discover has won the Best Performance Acting on Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Social Customer category for three straight years. This is awarded to a company that uses social media to change feedback into action and make business advocates.

It also received an honourable mention for Best Contact Center Learning, Development, and Recognition Program, a recognition given to exemplary recruitment, development, management, and training of call center employees.

It also won the Best New Mobile Customer Strategy which is given to a company that meets the increasing customer demand for care solution on tablets and smartphones, building and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty via mobile service, and demonstrating strategic call center inquiries handling via mobile self-service.

A panel of call center experts selected the winners of the IQPC awards and the winners are recognized during the Annual Call Center Week conference awards in June.

Key Stats

  • Best Performance Acting on Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Social Customer Award
  • Best New Mobile Customer Strategy Award

Mark Scarborough, Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Engagement: “Discover has always been deeply customer-focused, and we’re very pleased to again receive independent recognition of the quality of our service.”


Here is an excerpt of an interview with Mike Boush, head of digital of Discover.

Mike Boush, Discover Financial Services Head of Digital

Q: What digital initiative have you undertaken in the last 12 months that you’re most excited about?

“It started with an integration with PayPal in order to deliver peer-to-peer payment services. The program leverages PayPal’s huge delivery platform, and customers love it. Then we introduced an integration with Amazon that lets customers pay for their purchases with the cash they earned through our Cashback Bonus rewards program.”

Q: What gets in the way of delivering the right experience to your customers?

“For example, we’re always building things to be backward compatible with older installed browsers and mobile operating systems, while at the same time taking advantage of the newest versions. It’s an endless cycle and constant challenge that is unique to digital customer experience managers.”

Q: What is the most exciting development or trend that you currently see in eBusiness?  

“Mobile is changing everything: How merchants interact with customers, what customers expect from merchants, etc.  We need to go back to the way we think about almost everything in customer interaction and re-imagine it with instant access anywhere, with complex event processing using real-time data.”

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