Discover – Finovate09 Interview #13: Steve Furman, Director Social Media

As you all know, I was very much looking forward to participate to my third finovate event.

And what a day! Kudos to Jim BrueneEric Mattson , and the rest of their team for putting together such a smooth event with hardly no technical glitches.

I invite you to check my wrap up on Visible Banking, add yourself to the list of tweeps @ FInovate09 (for those you attended the event), check the pictures and videos I shot at the event (and add yours) on the Visible Banking Facebook Page.

16 Video Interviews
I have been incredibly busy while staying in NYC. Indeed, I managed to shoot 16 video interviews between Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th September.  I will be posting all of them on my blog soon. Stay tuned!

If you can’t wait to watch them, I invite you to visit my Dailymotion page andthe Visible Banking Facebook page.

Interview #13 – Discover: Steve Furman, Director Social Media
DiscoverLogoDiscover is a great example of how to leverage social media and implement an online reputation monitoring strategy to build relationships with your influencers.

During the interview, Steve also shared his tips on how to make your Senior Executives and your Legal & Compliance Team more comfortable with user generated content.

Find more about Discover on their blogs, I love Cash Bonus & Inside Discover, follow them on twitter @ Discover, and become a fan of theirfacebook page.

Steve Furman, Director Social Media
I invite you to watch my interview with Steve.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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