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Kevin L. Jackson

  1. Kevin L. Jackson

Do you really understand cloud computing? If you define it as technology and software, think again. Until you approach cloud computing as a business strategy, you’re not fully realizing the muscle behind this professional revolution. Cloud strategy improves and streamlines processes, teaching you business growth and governance strategies that will pay you back for the rest of your life.

That’s why I started GovCloud Network, to help professionals develop revolutionary business models that deliver quantum improvements to the bottom line. That’s accomplished by taking advanced technology and applying it to business and mission challenges.

GovCloud also guides clients through the myriad of decisions involved in developing a cloud strategy, including choosing the right cloud provider, security, training and more. A sound policy recognizes not everything belongs in the cloud and promotes hybrid solutions that keep sensitive data safe.

Technology education is my mission. Through GovCloud, I write, edit and publish to inform the marketplace on business technology. Whether it’s thought pieces or white papers, if you need content about this marketplace, I can deliver it.

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Company: GovCloud Network
Job Title: CEO, Founder
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