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Deutsche Bank Promotes Twitter and Facebook Social Customer Care

Deutsche Bank Social Customer Care Team Facebook Twitter

Deutsche Bank just released a video on YouTube promoting its social customer care activity on twitter and facebook.

Deutsche Bank Social Customer Care Team Facebook TwitterAs I mentioned previously on Visible Banking, Deutsche Bank has ramped up its social customer care capability within the last 12 months with a dedicated twitter account and facebook page.


Earlier this week, the German bank published a short video promoting those two social assets, ‘Deutsche Bank Customer Service. Now on Twitter and Facebook!‘.




About Deutsche Bank’s social customer care

Having launched a customer service channel on Twitter in November 2012 (@deubaservice), Deutsche Bank has also extended its services for private and business clients in Germany to Facebook. It is now possible to ask questions about Deutsche Bank products and services direct via our social media channels.

Please note: These channels are for clients who have accounts in Germany. The channels are primarily in German, but questions and comments made in English will be responded to in English.

Starting to promote your twitter and facebook page for customer service is a logical step in any social customer care strategy. By experience it usually takes place when the financial institution reached a certain level of maturity and has rolled out the right tools and processes, and has trained enough customer reps to enable them to scale their level of digital engagement and response.

I’ve seen this before from the likes of GTBank in Nigeria, Citi in the US or BNP Paribas in France… Any thoughts on this video from Deutche Bank promoting their social customer care team?

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