Danske Bank Launches Idebank 2.0 and Invites their Facebook Fans to Help Them Improve Mortgages & Housing

On 12 May, Danske Bank launched the second edition of its innovativeIdebank crowdsourcing initiative on facebook.

DanskeBank-Facebook-Idebank-Phase2The concept was validated following the success of the first edition back in March 2011. I invite you to check my comprehensive post on Idebank 1st Edition – Mobile Banking.

The goal of the leading Danish bank with Idebank application on facebook is to demonstrate their willingness to be a different bank, involve the Danish population into their transformation programme, and engage with their customers.

It is a great way to support their current projects with access to more relevant and fresh customer input, and validate the value of their decisions and their current activities.

A More Serious Topic This Time Around
It was smart to start this experiment with a topic people love and which is not purely a financial product. Mobile Banking was perfect, and to convince yourself you just have to check the excellent stats enjoyed by Danske Bank at the end of the 1st edition: 263 ideas, 185 comments and 3109 votes. During the intiiative, the bank also dramatically increased the size of their fan base.

Idebank 2nd edition will run until the 9 or 10 June. This time the topic of interest is “Housing and Mortgages”, not quite as sexy as “mobile banking” is it? 😉

This is a great second step from Thomas Heilskov, Manager Group Online Communications, and his colleagues. Indeed banks have to start leveraging social media to talk about “serious topics” like financial products and involving their customers more in their product / service creation and enhancement processes.

The team don’t expect a high number of ideas or comments, and it makes total sense. But not only don’t you necesserarly need hundreds of non-actionable ideas but a few good ones, it also demonstrates your willingness as a financial institution to be transparent and to listen.

DanskeBank-Facebook-Idebank-Phase2-MonthlyUsersOn 17 May, and after 5 days, the application lists 8 ideas, 0 comments and 28 votes, and counts 1,197 monthly users.

The application reached about 7k monthly users in March 2011.

You are working on a “Voice Of the Customer” (VOC) programme? If so, are you more reactive or proactive like Danske Bank?

Working Together
We at Visible Banking would be delighted to help you and your team better understand and leverage social media in a pragmatic way.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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