RBS Banks Open Banking Innovation Ideas Bank Crowdsourcing

RBS Banks On Open Banking Innovation With Ideas Bank [Crowdsourcing]

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) banks on open banking innovation with Ideas Bank. Joining the crowdsourcing trend in banking, RBS launches an online portal where customers post their ideas on how the bank can improve its services.

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The RBS Ideas Banks shows four of the hot topics and popular ideas over the past month. Currently, mobile and online banking tops the hot topics.

RBS Ideas Bank has over 320 ideas submitted and takes pride on the roll-out of mobile app for Windows Phones, launch of new customer support center for digital banking, and online improvements for credit card management.

The most popular idea is about the RBS (@RBSGroup) website online security 2 months ago by a small business in Glasgow, garnering 18 likes and 7 comments. Second is about the decline in service related to the removal of benefits of Royalties Gold account 3 months ago by H from Scotland.

The idea gained 13 likes, but with no customer comments so far. Third is about the alterations in Royalties Gold account 3 months ago by TP from Leyland. It gathered 12 likes and 11 comments.

Following the footsteps of trend-setting banks like NatWest (@NatWest_Help), RBS launched Ideas Bank as an attempt to bring customers onside following IT setbacks and bad publicity which forced the bank to set aside £125 million in compensation.

To post your ideas into the Ideas Bank, there are a few house rules to follow.

Key Stats

  • RBS Ideas Bank has now over 320 idea submitted.
  • The most popular idea in RBS Ideas Bank submitted 2 months ago got 18 likes and 7 comments. Second most popular idea submitted 3 months ago had 13 likes, but with no customer comments. The Third garnered 12 likes and 11 comments.

RBS (@RBSGroup) Most Popular Ideas (over 320 ideas submitted)

  1. Submitted 2 months ago with 18 likes and 7 comments
    I would like to see in 2013 hundred percent effort on protecting customers rbs website online security more advanced protection, and more protection on rbs secure I can see rbs secure link option card security SSL Https Fails and information about th
  2. Submitted 3 months ago with 13 likes and 0 comments
    Our Royalties Gold account will soon be a thing of the past. We are going back to a free current account, as nearly all the benefits we are using are getting removed. Bad move RBS – a further decline in customer service
  3. Submitted 3 months ago with 12 likes and 11 comments
    Just received an email from the RBS detailing alterations to my Royalties Gold a/c. I note that, although the monthly fees are to remain the same, the cover and benefits have been greatly diminished. Not Happy! I do not feel that it is now ‘good

RBS Banking Innovation Ideas Bank Best User Suggestions

NatWest (@NatWest_Help) Most Popular Ideas (over 1000 ideas submitted)

  1. Submitted a month ago with 59 likes and 16 comments
    I would love a windows phone NatWest app. And when it comes out (if), publicise it! I don’t want to miss out.
  2. Submitted 2 months ago with 54 likes and 4 comments
    I redesigned the online banking page – would love to work with the development team to turn it into reality: http://dribbble.com/shots/875394-Responsive-Natwest-Redesign-Retina-2
  3. Submitted 3 months ago with 23 likes and 18 comments
    Your mobile banking app on iphone SUCKS – why not just leave it alone – working fine then everytime you update it you SCREW it up – dont you ever test these things ? – now telling me I have to delete then re-install it to carry on using it

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