Commonwealth Bank, NAB switch on to social media

Commonwealth Bank Gears Up To Social Media 24/7 [Customer Care]

Commonwealth Bank is ready to take its social customer care strategy to the next level and provide 24/7 customer support on social media channels. The bank uses Facebook and Twitter to deliver answers and information directly to their customers.

Commonwealth Bank, NAB switch on to social mediaThe bank, which currently has 225,000 “likes” on Facebook is looking at social media. And according to Andrew Murrel, digital and social marketing general manager, they would introduce a 24-hour round the clock monitoring of social networking sites because of the increase in the number of customers using this platform to communicate with the bank.

At the moment, their social media customer care only operates during 7am to 10pm. However, the bank is targeting a 24/7 operation by the year’s end.

Customers nowadays are hungrier for information, according to Murrel. Rather than picking up the phone, customers can hunt down information through social media, to what other might say.

Commonwealth bank has two Facebook pages, three Twitter accounts, two YouTube channels, and a blog. The bank has started their YouTube channel in 2009 and it already has 1.6 million views.

Key Stats

  • Commonwealth Bank Facebook page: 225,000 likes
  • Commonwealth Bank has two Facebook page, three Twitter accounts, and two YouTube channels

Andrew Murrel, Digital and Social Marketing General Manager: “As the scale of the followers are growing particularly on Facebook we have worked with our direct banking to have customer service available like you do from the telephone. We have two Facebook pages, three Twitter channels, two YouTube channels and a blog as well, so it’s continually growing. A lot of people are searching out information on companies, we use social media channels to put out and talk about ourselves and the expertise of who we are as a company and what we do in the community.”


I invite you to watch a short video on social customer care I shot in March 2012: ‘Do Bank Customers Need 24/7 Customer Support on Twitter or Facebook?‘.

In the last couple of years, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Andrew’s team in particular, demonstrated its commitment to engage with its customers on social media channels with assets such as the Commonwealth Bank page on facebook or @CommBank on twitter.

And since the arrival of a social media veteran, and all-around nice guy, Andy Lark as Chief Marketing and Online Officer back in August 2011, the bank launched a number of innovative digital initiatives such as ‘IdeaBank‘ (open, crowdsourcing platform), ‘Kaching‘ (mobile payment app via facebook) or ‘Time Vault‘.  The bank also saw the size of its community soar to over 250,000 fans and 17,000 followers (aggregated).  And Andy has bigger ambitions for the leading Australian bank in the social space.

Social customer care is one of my favourite topics.  If most financial institutions provide basic or at best extended opening hours on twitter or facebook, CBA won’t become the first bank to provide 24/7 support.  Back in July 2011, Banco Sabadell in Spain started to provide around the clock support simply by tapping into its existing call centers, already opened 24/7 to address customer queries.

So, what’s your financial institution approach to social customer care?  Is 24/7 support critical?  Do you even have a dedicated twitter account?  How are you organized: did you create a dedicated social media team or did you train some of your call centres staff?  And anyway, do your customers even expect an immediate response (or a response at all! Maybe they just are only looking for ‘air time’ to vent) via social media channels?

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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