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CMOs Will Spend 75% of Marketing Budget on Digital [INFOGRAPHICS]

CMOs Time Digital Transformation Accenture Interactive

Infographics.  In their recent Digital Transformation study, Accenture reveals that CMOs would spend up to 75% of their marketing budget on digital by 2019.

More than a third (35%) of senior marketing professionals believe that digital marketing will account for more than 50% of marketing spend by 2019, according to a new report from Accenture.  37% feel it’ll account for 75% or more of all budget.

You will find below two infographics from the recently published study from Accenture Interactive, ‘CMOs: Time for Digital Transformation‘.

Accenture CMO Insights 2014 Infographic

And another infographic, this time from adweek.

CMO Invest Digital Marketing Infographic

Back in December 2009, Pepsi kind of started the trend when they skipped Super Bowl ads in favor of social media and digital marketing.

By 2019, it will be ten years since Pepsi’s strategic shift and ‘marketing coup’, do you personally believe most of the CMOs from the largest global corporations would have followed Pepsi’s lead and spend north of half of their massive marketing budgets on digital?

Whatever happens, let’s hope their teams will focus as much on earned media and influencer engagement as they’ll surely focus on paid media.

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