Christophe Langlois Business Social Media Speaker

Christophe Langlois,’s Founder, is an international business social media keynote speaker on the topics of digital strategy, banking innovation, FinTech, the social customer and personal branding.

Christophe Langlois Social Media Week London 2013
Christophe delivering an interactive session on social customer care at SocialMediaWeek (2013)

Christophe Langlois is passionate about people and how to build more valuable, trusted relationships globally using new digital communication channels including social media.

Christophe strongly believes it is critical for any business, big or small, local or global, B2C or B2B to successfully understand and leverage social media and digital innovation to achieve their business goals and drive advocacy from their customers, employees and influencers.

He is an experienced presenter and a regularly requested social media speaker, chairperson, panellist, moderator and workshop facilitator.  Since 2007, he’s been invited to contribute to over 140 industry leading events in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America.

Christophe is a results-driven social media strategist, social media influencer and practitioner with over 1,000 blog posts, 45,000 twitter followerslisted 2000+ times on twitter and with 110+ LinkedIn recommendations.

He has been invited to speak at a multitude of events based on:

  • his expertise in digital strategy and personal branding
  • the insights on digital innovation, social media and social business in the global financial services industry he shares on and @Visible_Banking
  • his hands-on experience of building a global B2B brand from scratch and driving 100% revenue exclusively through thought leadership, social media and word of mouth

Since he started his career in ‘groupware‘ and social collaboration back in 1998, Christophe has also built a unique experience working client-side, agency-side and at a number of leading data and software solution providers including Thomson Financial, Lloyds TSB and Bazaarvoice.

In October 2014, Christophe joined IBM Global Business Services to help grow and strengthen IBM’s footprint and reputation in digital experience with a key focus on social media, social business and the European Financial Services industry.

A year later, Christophe joined a worldwide team of executive consultants within IBM Software Group to help both clients and IBMers to make the most of three key social solutions: IBM Connections and IBM Verse (social collaboration and mail), IBM Smarter Workforce and IBM Digital Experience.

Christophe is a Frenchman who’s lived in London and traveled extensively since 2002.

christophe langlois social media speaker mobile digital innovation
Christophe covering the impact of social media & open innovation on mobile financial services (2014)

Christophe Langlois – Social Media Speaker – Public Speaking Skills

We created a short video trailer to showcase Christophe’s public speaking skills and his hands-on experience of social media and digital.

Should you like to see more of Christophe on stage, we invite you to watch two other videos from 2011 and 2014.

Public Speaking Topics

Christophe’s general speaking topics include:

  • Social Media, social media optimisation (SMO), blogging, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Social Business, social collaboration, social customer care
  • Content strategy, content curation, content marketing
  • Digital experience, search engine optimisation (SEO), social signals
  • Innovation, crowdsourcing, FinTech
  • Social commerce, the voice of the customer
  • Influencer identification, outreach and engagement
  • PR 2.0, Brand 2.0, Marketing 2.0
  • Personal branding, social eminence
  • Social media and digital financial services (banking, insurance, payments)
christophe langlois keynote speaker social media banking
Christophe Langlois delivering a keynote speech at The Asian Banker Summit in Kuala Lumpur (2014)

Public Speaking Experience – Social Media Speaker

Christophe has worked with a broad range of globally recognised brands and event organisers.

His speaking experience includes:

  • 2015
    • The Financial Services Forum (UK)
    • The EFMA Distribution Summit (Spain)
    • The Marketing and Compliance Forum (UK)
    • The Financial Services Club – ‘Twitter for Banks’ (Scotland)
    • The International Retail Banking Council (Germany)
    • The Digital Revolution (France)
  • 2014
    • Annual EMEA Financial Services Event by SAP (UK)
    • The Asian Banker Summit 2014 (Malaysia)
    • Social Media Financial Services 2014 by Marketing Magazine (UK)
    • The Future of Digital Banking by Marketforce (2014, UK)
    • The Financial Times Retail Banking Conference 2014 (UK)
  • 2013
    • CeBIT 2013 (Australia)
    • Social Media Week 2013 (UK)
    • the Customer 360 Conference (Turkey)
    • Social Media Monitoring for the Finance Industry by Our Social Times (webinar)
    • International Payment System Week 2013 by Informa (UK)
  • 2012
    • Next Bank Europe 2012 (Italy)
    • The Asian Banker Summit 2012 (Thailand)
    • Fund Forum International by ICBI (Monaco)
    • Digital Financial Services by EFMA (France)
    • User Group Event by IND (Hungary)
  • 2011
    • Being a successful bank through social engagement by the Financial Services Club (UK)
    • Online banking conference by EFMA (France)
    • Real-time compliance in a social media environment by the Financial Services Forum (UK)
    • Mobile banking & payments conference by EFMA (France)
  • 2010
    • LIMRA’s 2010 European Annual Meeting (UK)
    • Connecting with customers to restore trust & Loyalty by SAP (UK)
    • Reputational Risk Management for the Financial Sector by Marcus Evans (Hong Kong)
    • Dialogkonferensen 2010 (Sweden)
    • Social Media in Financial Services Workshop by Visible Banking (Singapore)
  • 2009
    • MEFTEC 2009 (Bahrain)
    • Somesso Zurich 2009 (Switzerland)
    • E-Channel Management for Retail Banking by coreventus (Malaysia)
    • ‘Congres Sociale Netwerken’ (the Netherlands)
    • Barcamp bank (Spain)
  • 2008
    • Online Retail Banking Services Conference by Marcus Evans (USA)
    • Online Financial Services 2008 by EFMA (Greece)
    • Online Information 2008 by Incisive Media (UK)
    • Retail Banking Innovations Asia-Pacific 2008 by VRL (Singapore)
    • PR, Social Networking and Blogging in Practice 2008 by PRWeek (UK)
  • 2007
    • Online Financial Services by EFMA (Spain)
    • The Online Banking Summit 2007 by the Royal Media Group (USA)
christophe langlois social media moderator The Asian Banker Summit 2014
Christophe Langlois moderating a closing keynote on Peer-to-Peer Lending (2014)

Social Media Keynote Speaker Testimonials

You will find below a selection from the 110+ recommendations available on Christophe’s LinkedIn profile.

  • “Christophe worked with us on an event in conjunction with the Financial Services Forum, chairing our panel. Prior to the event his attention to detail and knowledge was invaluable in shaping the panel agenda. On the day the format Christophe ran was different, exciting and engaging for the participants.The session received excellent feedback. I look forward to working with Christophe again soon.”
    James M – Head of Category Development, Financial Services, EMEA at LinkedIn (London, UK)
  • “With CEOs in the front row, Christophe launched a great passionate session of pertinent case studies on Web 2.0 and new financial models at New Fund Forum. It was fresh and new for this senior level of audience and they noted.”
    Jenny A – Head of Innovation at ICBI (London, UK)
  • “Christophe is a wonderful moderator and speaker and a true expert in a wide range of topics related to banking and social media. I worked with him at the Asian Banker Summit 2014 where he spoke as well as moderated sessions in the Technology Decision Makers Conference. He also taught a class in the pre-conference workshop. He spent much effort preparing the sessions and thus managed to bring the best out of the speakers and topics in a limiting time frame. Christophe is very helpful, spontaneous, resourceful and easy to communicate with. Any event manager will call him/herself lucky to work with Christophe.”
    Gerlinde G – Senior Executive, Programmes at The Asian Banker (Beijing, China)
  • “Christophe was keynote speaker at a retail banking conference hosted by FT Live and The Banker, which was sponsored by Capgemini. He gave a very insightful, dynamic presentation on the power of social media, with a specific focus on how banks can use social media platforms to better engage with their customers and improve customer experience. Christophe is a confident, engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and had a strong understanding of his audience. We would certainly invite him back!”
    Amy B – Senior Content Editor, FT Live at Financial Times (London, UK)
  • “I have worked with Christophe on numerous occasions this year and he has now become a regular contributor on our Executive Education Programmes for Chinese Financial Institutions. Christophe is a fascinating and highly knowledgeable speaker who has received the highest praise from our audiences. Christophe comes with my highest recommendation and would make a valuable contribution to any Social Media and Digital Innovation event.”
    Mark C – Head of Sales, Marketing and Executive Education at the Moller Center (Cambridge, UK)
  • “Christophe was an engaging and thoughtful speaker who offered deep insight on the role of social networks on mobile adoption. A true connoisseur of social media, Christophe presented a range of social and mobile industry solutions and evaluated the effect of social media on how we do business. He created an informative and perceptive message on how service providers and stakeholders can make the most of their social media strategy.” 
    Arielle J – Public Relations and Marketing at Mondato (London, UK)
  • “Christophe is a very impressive speaker, who made a really fascinating keynote speak at IND User Group Event in Vienna. As one of the really few interactive speakers he woke us up quite quickly in the morning with all the interesting, detailed information and thoughts about social media, user engagement and digital innovation in online retail banking.”
    Adam K – Product Manager at Misys (Budapest, Hungary)
  • “We asked Christophe to make a presentation about social media focused on bank finance and insurance sector, during our last Internet seminar. The public was composed of our e-Business managers from many countries. We had good feedback from attendees, especially because of the adaptation of the presentation to our company, the methodology exposed was very interesting, and there was many illustrations and use cases.”
    Sebastien B – Global e-Marketing Manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance (Paris, France)
  • “Christophe exceeds expectations in delivering innovative, top class insight with concrete with a hands on actionable approach. If you need to get your Social House in order or just looking to redecorate Christophe is your man.”
    Jonathan E – Head of Digital Analytics Global Websites at Unicredit (Bologna, Italy)
  • “Working with Christophe as he chaired the E-Channel Management event in Malaysia was a pleasure. His expertise and enthusiasm brought life to the whole group, an excellent choice to manage such an event.”
    Salman A – Head of Alternative Channels at BIB (Bahrain, Bahrain)
  • “Christophe was speaking at a social media event in Rotterdam, when we met: brilliant performance! Clear and enthousiastic speaker and a great guy to work with, a true professional. Because he’s able to bring his vision and experience to other industries, I would love to see him perform on other occasions. I’m sure we’ll meet again!”
    Bart V – Pulsar Partners (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
  • “Christophe worked with us on an event in conjunction with the Financial Services Forum, chairing our panel. Prior to the event his attention to detail and knowledge was invaluable in shaping the panel agenda. On the day the format Christophe ran was different, exciting and engaging for the participants.The session received excellent feedback. I look forward to working with Christophe again soon.”
    James M – Head of Category Development, Financial Services, EMEA at LinkedIn (London, UK)
  • “I was a presenter at the Online Retail Banking Services Conference 2008 when Christophe served as Chairman. His commentary on online financial markets was insightful, given his unique viewpoint from His vision of social networking and its impact on web-based strategies is timely and spot-on. In addition, he tied the speaker’s viewpoints together and added prospective to each and every one. He was a pleasure to work with.”
    Virginia S – SVP Internet Banking at E-Loan (San Francisco, USA)
  • “Christophe has the right passion for social media and very deep knowledge of the global activities in this subject. After a two days workshop with Christophe we all feel almost like an experts and ready to go for the next steps.”
    Eran T – Head of Mobile Banking at Bank Hapoalim (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Christophe Langlois Social Media Workshop Malaysia
Christophe Langlois with the participants of his Social Media workshop in Hong Kong (2010)

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