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  • iPad ‘Bank Bully’ Banking Game [Mobile App Video Review #1]

    The Visible Banking Team recorded a short video review of the ‘Bank Bully’ app for iPad and iPhone.  It is a basic game which might help relieve your stress by throwing random things at a banker. Here, we are trying out a new video series on  We aim to publish on regular basis a number of […] More

  • Axa Offers 50,000€ to Support the Launch of its Retail Banking API

    Today, and a couple of months after Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole, Axa Banque announced the launch of its own banking API and ‘app store’.  How much buzz and traction will Axa Banque generate with this 50,000€ contest? With this initiative, the French financial institutions demonstrate once more their leading position at the forefront of digital innovation.  How does […] More

  • Axa Offre 50,000€ pour Promouvoir le Lancement de son API Bancaire

    Aujourd’hui, et quelques mois après la Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole, Axa Banque vient d’annoncer le lancement de sa propre API bancaire et son ‘app store’ associé.  Quel niveau de buzz autour de ce lancement va générer le concours et les 50,000€ à la clé pour l’heureux gagnant? Avec cette initiative, les institutions bancaires françaises confirment leur positionnement […] More

  • Bankin’: le PFM sur Mobile et l’Aggrégation avec Eurobits [INTERVIEW]

    Au cours de notre interview le Co-Foundateur de ‘Bankin’, la startup française spécialisée dans le PFM sur mobile, partage son expérience du monde bancaire français qui est dans son ensemble pour le moins réticent sur les thèmes de l’aggrégation de comptes et de l’ouverture bancaire. Les thèmes du ‘Personal Finance Management’ (PFM), service de gestion […] More

  • Within 4 days, FNB Wins Twitter Battle and Launches Mobile Vouchers on Facebook

    The last four days have proved incredibly positive for South Africa’s FNB.  During that short period of time, the South African bank enjoyed a high volume of positive conversations on facebook AND on twitter, and launched an innovative mobile vouchers initiative on facebook. FNB is unarguably the most engaged South African financial institution on social […] More

  • 20 Stats on the Top Free Android Apps from Retail Banks [MOBILE BANKING]

    Because there is an alternative to iOS and the almighty combo iPhone / iPad, my team has started to track the activity from the financial services industry  and especially the retail banks on Google’s Android Market. Soon, we will officially launch our Visible Banking Android Watch series, in addition to our popular Visible Banking Twitter WatchSeries (over 1,650 accounts […] More

  • Three Applications that Prove the iPad is Strategic to Societe Generale

    2011 has been a busy year for mobile banking with the tremendous growth of smartphone penetration and the increasing consumer interest for tablets. In the last twelve months, we saw litteraly dozens and dozens of new mobile banking and mobile payment apps (mainly on iphone, ipad, android). But most apps only offer basic features. Few […] More