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  • RBS unveils iPhone case for NFC payments

    RBS And Visa Push NFC Payments With Cases For 5th Generation iPhone

    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group or RBS together with Visa Europe is looking to offer mobile payments to its customer via its TouchPay scheme.  They aim to solve the lack of NFC capability of the iphone by giving their customers a NFC-enabled case. RBS and NatWest introduced TouchPay cases to Apple iPhone 4 and […] More

  • Mobile Banking 300 Million Users

    Mobile Banking Reaches 300 Million Users, Will Overcome Online Banking By 2015

    According to the ABA Banking Journal, mobile phones have become necessary to both business and private sectors. In 2011, the number of mobile phone users even reached up to six billion while the number of customers using mobile banking reached 300 million worldwide. Now, approximately 85-90% of the world’s population is covered by mobile networks […] More

  • Rwanda: Bank Launches Mobile Banking Vans

    African Bank Launches Mobile Banking Vans For The Unbanked

    Remote areas of Rwanda will get access to banking services by means of mobile banking vans operated by the Bank of Kigali. Bank of Kigali, Rwanda’s largest lender launched five mobile banking vans to cater to the needs of the rural unbanked population of the country. This type of innovation is spurred by competition in […] More

  • Australians slow to embrace mobile banking

    Will Australian Banking Customers Ever Favour Mobile Payments Over Cash?

    Many from the financial services industry claim that a majority of banking customers will rely more on mobile banking and payments in the next few years, however in Australia consumers have not yet embraced mobile banking. The reason for this is mainly due to an ageing population and the wide range of technical barriers in […] More

  • Now, buy gold, silver through your mobile phones

    Muthoot’s MD: Buying Gold On Your Mobile Will Become As Popular As Online Travel

    Muthoot, one of India’s leading ‘Systematically Important Non Banking Financial Companies’, has recently launched a mobile app that allows customers to purchase precious metals like gold and silver using your mobile phones and tablets. Many items can now be purchased from merchants online and now the new mobile application from Muthoot allows consumers to buy […] More

  • Credit Agricole CA Store Opens With 43 Mobile Apps and Ideas

    Credit Agricole’s CA Store Opens With 43 Mobile Apps + Ideas

    Back in January 2012, Credit Agricole shook up the banking industry by announcing its own app store opened to third parties.  The CA Store officially opened with 43 mobile apps and ideas. We thought we’d give you an update, eight months following this major announcement from the leading French bank. This is it.  Credit Agricole’s […] More