Cardlytics: Merchant Coupons within Online Banking [INTERVIEW]

Cardlytics, a US-based company, has a strong value proposition and its transaction-driven marketing solution integrated to the bank’s online banking service has a proven impact on usage and revenue generation. In a nutshell, they display relevant merchant coupons within online banking.

Earlier this week, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative digital services and platforms, I managed to record a short interview with one of the top demoing companies awarded with ‘best of show’, Cardlytics.

Basically Cardlytics‘ permission-based marketing solution integrates into the online banking service of the bank.  The bank customers don’t have to do anything, but carry on shopping in-store or online as usual.  Then, they benefit automatically from targeted, relevant, rewards credited through their bank reward program.  The whole process is seemless and totally electronic, there is no exchange of coupons.

In my opinion, the strongest benefit of the Cardytics solution is that it is totally seemless for the customer.  And I see the potentially massive value of displaying relevant offers when and where it makes most sense, hereby directly under the right payment transaction within your online bank statement.  It is simple, and it looks sleek.  Brilliant.

If the solution is hosted by the bank on premises, I believe the advertising offers are currently served by the company servers based in the US.

Based on my own experience working in innovation for a leading UK bank, and selling innovative social commerce solutions to banks all over the world, I immediately had two key questions to the Cardlytics team:

1. How soon does Cardlytics plan to serve the electronic offers from a European base?
Clearing this with the IT security and L&C departments could very well be the biggest challenge for European banks.  Safe harbour is ok, but the patriot act is always a concern.  But I believe in that case, the challenge is worth it.

2. How strong is their advertisers network outside the US?

Interview with Cardlytics’s President
I invite you to watch my interview with Lynne Laube – President & COO at Cardlytics about their solution integrating ‘merchant coupons directly into online banking.

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This is one of the 12 interviews I recorded during Finovate Europe 2012 (London, 7 Feb 2012). I invite you to check my comprehensive coverage directly on Visible Banking.

Among other insights, my article lists the other eleven interviews, and includes a crowdsourced write up on the 35 demoing companies as well as my 220+ pictures from the event.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

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