Breaking – Caja Navarra, the Most Transparent Bank – Pioneers in Civic Banking, Launches Cancha24 on Twitter & Redesigns its HomePage – Interview Scheduled at BarCampBank in Madrid

Caja Navarra became inarguably the most transparent bank in the world since they introduced their innovative concept of Civic Banking back in 2004.

As a business model, Civic Banking has sought to turn traditional banking on its head by placing the customer at the center of its business practices and ascribing them rights (the Five Rights), while creating duties for Caja Navarra.
Civic Banking creates networks. First, it links customers to social projects in the community or internationally by giving them an opportunity to direct 30% of CAN’s annual profit to specific social projects. Second, CAN facilitates customers volunteering to participate in them, and encouraging others to participate. Third, the social projects link to CAN by encouraging people interested in the projects to bank with CAN and to then to direct their allocation of CAN’s annual profit to the social project.
Source: Wikipedia

Here we talking about real transparency. Being transparent and giving more power to their customers is a core strategy for Caja Navarra.
The innovation team also do a great job leveraging social media to give a voice to their communities.

I must admit that I got really excited when I read one of the latest update from the bank on my blackberry this afternoon:
@CajaNavarra Anunciamos nuestra Cancha24, el servicio de atención exclusiva a nuestros clientes Online por Twitter, Facebook, Skype y Messenger

As I couldn’t find much more information on their website, I DMed Fernando Egido Egaña, Caja Navarra’s Head of Digital Business who responsed a few minutes later from @eventoblog in Seville: “the twitter account for our Cancha24 office is This services are only for new digital clients. Soon we hope expand to existing clients.”

So please find below the screenshot of their newly launched twitter accountcancha24.

Initial remarks:
1. the account is not protected
2. the web link direct you to CN’s HomePage
3. two tweeple are following the account for the time being: CajaNavarraand… Visible_Banking
4. they follow 5 tweeple including FernandoGuillermo Catalán – Director of Communications, and Juantxo Zabalo – NetCan Negocio Digital.

I am curious to see how the bank will interact with their digital clients only, and manage the requests from the rest of their existing clients as well as their influencers: the press, the bloggers, their detractors, their advocates. Will they somehow redirect non digital customers to their CajaNavarraaccount? I wonder what their call to action will be…

For the time being, I couldn’t find any dedicated facebook page, but I will keep you updated on!

I scheduled a video interview with Fernando in the next two weeks. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to send me the questions I should ask Fernando!

New Home Page… Web TV soon?
Last week, I exchanged a few DMs with CajaNavarra and Fernando which shared with me a link to their newly redesigned homepage which was still confidential at the time.

They started to include more multimedia content. It is now available at

Please find below a few screenshots of the successful redesign stressing their commitment to being transparent and giving a voice to their clients.

You will notice the seamless integration of video, the focus on Civic Banking and transparency, the latest stats from their social projects in 2009, the promotion of their community blogs, their presence on the most popular social media sites, their rss feeds. A it like Dell, they urge their clients to participate to their digital cancha via the participate button in the menu at the top.


I believe than they plan to launch a Web TV in a couple of months. The bank has already actively been using YouTube with over 145 videos posted since the launch of theirCanvideo’s channel back in January 2007.

BarCampBank in Madrid on 30th November
BarCampBankMadrid-LogoI have been kindly invited byJesus Perez Sanchez, CEO at, to patricipate to the nextBarCampBank in Madridwhich will take place on 30th November.

I very much look forward to contributing to this exciting event and catching up with my fellow banking innovators in Spain from Caja Navarra, Banco Sabadell, Barclays, and BBVA just to name a few.

I also plan to cover the event the Visible Banking blog and@Visible_Banking on twitter, and shoot a few video interviews while in Madrid. I have already scheduled an interview with Jesus to talk, the Spanish version of (I invite you to check my video interview with SH’s Founder, Georges Favvas), and Fernando Egido Egaña, Head of Channels, Innovation and Strategic Deployment Area at Caja Navarra, to talk about Cancha24. Stay tuned!

Civic Banking by Caja Navarra: The Lost Interview
I invite you to watch the video I shot with Pablo Armendariz, the former Head of Innovation at Caja Navarra, back in October 2008 in Singapore at Retail Banking Innovation.

Great content, but please be kind with Pablo and I: it was a long day and the jetlag kicked in! You will notice it in the tone of my voice. 😉

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

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