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This is just a fan page. It would be great if there is actually somebody from the tech support to talk to.

BPI Customer Gives 6/10 To Its ‘Bankers Online’ Facebook App

In her guest article, Diana – a real banking customer based in the Philippines – shares her views on BPI’s ‘Bankers Online’ App on Facebook.  She explains why she only gave it a 6 out of 10.

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In her article, Diana shares her feedback on BPI’s ‘Bankers Online’ facebook app.


BPI Bankers Online Facebook App - Customer VoiceSink or swim? These are actually the only choices available to modern businesses that want to remain competitive during the Internet era. Businesses have turned to social networking sites for their social customer care and services.

Even the banking sector has acknowledged the importance of the social media by making their services known to their consumers online. Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI has always been at the forefront of modern communication. In fact, BPI was among the first banking institutions in the Philippines that made their services online.
Social media banking at the right time

One thing that has made BPI stand out is that it has made its social customer care more responsive to the times by introducing social media banking at the right time, when people are more open to online banking transactions. If you are a BPI account holder, then you are probably aware of the bank’s online banking feature which allows you to access your account through your mobile phone.

What I like about BPI’s social networking support for its online banking is that it aims to make banking more convenient to their customers. With the past pace of life everyone seems to be leading, it is important for institutions like banks to provide innovative services to their customers that will make things a lot more efficient and faster. I find that online banking allows BPI bank account holders to transact with their bank even in the privacy of their own homes or offices, of wherever they may be for as long as there is an internet connection.

Another thing I like about BPI’s online banking feature is that it allows you to transact with your bank online 24 hours a day seven times a week without any time constraint at all. This is a very good feature for busy people like me who do not have the time to go their banks no matter how they want to pay their bills on time all the time. It is now possible to make an arrangement with BPI, so that specific bills are automatically debited every month.

BPI’s online banking is a bomb but it has taken convenience to another level by introducing its Facebook page. A great number of Filipinos like me are on Facebook, making this new social media banking strategy by BPI a welcome development. For one, I can now keep in touch with my social circle while doing business online through BPI.
As an account holder of BPI, it is great to know that my banker is just a click away whenever I need customer support. I find BPI’s banking on Facebook feature truly useful because somebody is always on the other end to respond to my messages. This makes it a truly remarkable banking experience.

There is only one glitch that I find. Like most innovations, BPI’s banking on Facebook should be as dynamic as its customers. There should be more to it than just giving announcements and such. It would be better if there is a technical support team that can answer to queries, people that I can chat with. It should also be easier to use otherwise, it will just alienate non-techy customers who would rather leave the site than wait for it to load properly.

Conclusion: 6 out of 10
I use online banking all the time to transfer funds. I don’t care much about the social app because what is important to me is my bank’s ability to support my need to transfer funds online to other accounts not just within the same bank.  I couldn’t find this feature on the facebook app.

More on the Author: Diana (The Philippines)
Diana is a Filipino journalist in her late twenties.  She has a facebook profile and a twitter account.  Since she is spending a significant amount of time online with her job, she is a enthusiastic user of online banking.  Diana is banking with BPI.

Are you one of the Philippines’ 29 million active facebook users?  Do you share the same views as Diana?  How would you improve BPI’s ‘Bankers Online’ app?

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Written by a Real Customer

The Visible Banking Team uses this account to post articles from real banking or insurance customers. No social media gurus. Just real customers who share an honest and transparent feedback (positive or negative).

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