BPI Facebook Bankers Online App

BPI Latest Major Bank To Tap Social Customer Care on Facebook

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) adds a Facebook Customer Care in their lists of services. This social customer care app named ‘BPI Bankers Online’ promotes financial literacy by answering questions fielded by clients of the bank or not.

BPI Facebook Bankers Online App

Another bank has joined the social media banking craze. The Ayala-led Bank of the Philippine Islands taps the power of the most popular social media website, Facebook, to promote financial literacy to people who are intimidated to step inside their local branch to ask about different financial concerns such as savings, borrowing and investments.

The bank has chosen their most tech savvy bankers from different departments to become the face of their social networking team. Yes, people will be talking to experienced bankers on Facebook to get expert advice. The main focus of the app is to give sound financial advice to Filipinos, especially the younger generation to achieve financial wellness.

BPI is one of the largest banks in the country in terms of client base at 5.4 million but many are the so called “single-product” clients which only utilize banks for deposits.

The Facebook app wants to take advantage of the popularity of Facebook in the country to jumpstart a banking culture in the country by not just depositing but by taking advantage of the many services the bank offers. It is also a tool to teach people about responsible borrowing, intelligent money management, accumulating wealth and other financial concerns.

The 8 Bankers Online

  • Eunice – a “gadget junkie,” is an expert on money management
  • Jagr – a “passionate pianist & conductor” and a “great listener and financial adviser”
  • Brian – a bowling enthusiast, is the one to talk to for solutions for borrowing needs
  • Kenneth – a “smart adventurer,” can act not just as a tourist guide but an adviser on building savings
  • Bess – a photoblogger, is an adviser for Pinoys abroad
  • Patrick – a football and marketing enthusiast, is the expert on banking online
  • Sherry – a “foodie,” can talk about how to build one’s nest back home
  • Donna – a painter, is the banker for Filipinos in Europe (she is based in London)

None of those bankers are 100% dedicated to facebook, they all have other tasks.

Marie Josephine Ocampo, BPI Senior Vice President and Integrated Marketing Head: “With the bank’s 161 years of serving the Filipinos, BPI remains true to its commitment to keep up with the changing needs of our clients.  We’ve made banking transactions easy through our 24/7 banking and now we go beyond the transactions to make it easy for customers to understand and have a meaningful connection with us as their bank.”

Carmencita Gozar, Vice President and Brand BPI Division Head at BPI: “We have seen that the use of social media has become an integral part of Filipinos’ everyday lives; we are in fact among the top users in the world. Launching this app, we envision that BPI Bankers Online will democratize expert financial advice and lead Filipinos to financial wellness with BPI as their adviser and partner.  We have made ourselves available to Facebook, not just to listen but also to give advice to help you reach your financial goals.”

Do you think that Facebook or social media in general will be an effective tool to teach the younger generation how to bank?  Join the conversation here or on our facebook page.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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