BNP Paribas TEB Mobile Banking App Samsung Gear2 Smartwatch Wearables

TEB Banks on Wearables with First Banking App for Latest Samsung SmartWatch

Wearables. BNP Paribas TEB is pushing the mobile banking innovation envelope once again with world’s first banking application for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

Yesterday, TEB‘s Head of Mobile Financial Services and new technology implementation made me aware of their latest mobile banking innovation.

Just six month after launching Turkey’s first financial application on Google Glass, the BNP Paribas JV demonstrated once again their commitment to wearable technologies when they proudly launched the self-proclaimed ‘world’s first banking application for Gear 2 Smart watches’.

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Please find below the official press release covering the launch of the CEPTETEB app for Google Glass.

As a striking hot topic wearable technology is becoming common in digitalizing society. New devices like smart watches and smart glasses give birth to new opportunities in banking sector for ultimate customer experience. TEB, as the first bank seizing the opportunity, launched world’s first banking application for Samsung Gear 2 watches after its Google Glass app first in Turkey.

TEB continued to its investments in wearable technologies with its Gear 2 smart watches app after its Google Glass application. TEB launched world’s first banking Gear 2 application.

As a first step users can access to market data through their smart watches and they can directly call TEB Call Center.

Google Glass allows users to use device with verbal commands, motion sensors and sensible area. CEPTETEB’s Google Glass application utilizes these control points. Users can track credit cart campaigns and locate closest TEB ATM and braches with their Google Glass’.

TEB Retail and Private Banking Group, Senior Assistant General Manager Gökhan Mendi:

  • in the light of emerging technologies and how it affects customer behaviour, we accept mobile banking as one of the essential channels
  • in the near future smart watches, smart glasses and other wearable technologic improvements are expected to have significant penetration in people’s daily life
  • during the 2013, 50 Million wearable devices are expected to be sold. Sales are expected to increase to 500 Million in 2018
  • TEB’s Mobile Strategies will keep investing on various wearable technology platform developments followed by Google Glass and Gear 2 Watches
  • Unification of technology and mobile banking services allow TEB to add greater value to increasing numbers of mobile banking user
  • Innovative solutions provoke customers to use mobile banking with tailored solutions for large numbers of users.

Any thoughts on the BNP Paribas TEB banking app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch?  In your opinion, are wearable technologies the banking industry’s best shot at truly transforming (and hopefully improving) the customer experience?

That wouldn’t be even remotely possible should proprietary technologies like Google Glass and Oculus Rift, as well as the legion of upcoming smartwatches fail to become mainstream, well-adopted technologies.

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What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

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