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Banking 2.0 V-News: the 4 kinds of social media projects

According to me, there are 4 kinds of social media projects in the banking industry:

1. Behind The Firewall (BTF)
Intranet 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 projects: internal wikis, blogs, social network and search.
2. Internet Banking
Accessible from your clients only, in the secure internet banking via a platform provided by a third party. Providing customer reviews on your website (.com and IB) is a good example.
3. B-to-B
Your target: any SME or Entrepreneur. Time is money, those members need to be convinced. It is not in their interest to trash your brand. And they also want to be visible.
4. B-to-C
Your target: anybody / mass market. This is the most challenging kind of projects of all. It is more tricky to reward your members. You may have to deal with malicious activitiesBut you can always address those challenges with the right moderation process.

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Please note that the list is not exhaustive.

1. BTF
Interview Allon Mason, co-Founder of YouFig
3. B-to-B
Join2Grow.biz (Fortis)
small business online community (Bank Of America)
Interview Catherine Ossemerct, Head of Media-Channels at Fortis
4. B-to-C
Wells Fargo 2.0
PickURAdvisor.com (ING)
YourPointOfView.com (HSBC)
Interview William Azaroff, Interactive Marketing and Channel Manager at Vancity
Interview Craig Hepburn, Global Webmaster at STA Travel
Interview Fergus Hampton, CEO of Millward Brown Precis


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