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Banking 2.0: social networking, we have already tried!

First, I invite you to read my post entitled “Banking 2.0: 10 “good” reasons not to embrace social media“.
I listed the 10 reasons I hear the most frequently against social media in the banking industry.

My goal is to convince my peers that banks must embrace social media and web 2.0 now.

It gives us a unique opportunity to connect not only with our clients, but the whole market. It gives us the opportunity to show we listen and we care. It will help us drive customer advocacy.

I will publish a video response for every single reason I listed. Please find below my response to one of my favourite reasons: “we have already tried… It doesn’t work!”.

We have already tried

Contribute… and challenge me!
What do you think a my video (content, format)?
I created the initial post to start a discussion. An interactive online discussion.
Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and add a new reason to the list:challenge me! I will post a video response for every single additional reason.


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