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‘Banker Free’ Banking Game App For iPhone [GAMIFICATION]

GAMIFICATION 'Banker Free' - Best Banking Game Apps For iPhone

Our Visible Banking team reviewed the ‘Banker Free’ app as part of our search for the best banking game apps for iPhone (banking gamification).

GAMIFICATION 'Banker Free' - Best Banking Game Apps For iPhoneWith our video reviews of iOS apps series (iPhone and iPad), we aim to flag the most relevant insurance and banking game apps available to download, and assess the impact of gamification on banking customers.

This is our seventh video review, this time for the free version of a iPhone game from apps developer Lakoo, named ‘Banker Free‘.

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You can find more info about the ‘Banker Free‘ app directly on iTunes.


Have you played this insurance game for iPhone?  In your opinion, how big is the opportunity for banks and insurance firms to launch or sponsor addictive mobile games like this banker free game?  Can it help change people’s perception of a financial services brand and possibly increase your market share or your customer’s share of wallet?

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