BI Social RIO Conference : Todd Robinson of Bank of America on Smart Social Initiatives

Bank Of America’s SVP Social Media on Strategy: Education, Compliance, Scale

Bank of America’s Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Todd Robinson talks us through his strategy and the bank’s social media policies: “get key people (internally) to say ‘yes’ more often”.

BI Social RIO Conference : Todd Robinson of Bank of America on Smart Social InitiativesIn an interview in BI Social RIO Conference Todd Robinson tells about how a major bank creates and executes smart social media strategies and initiatives. Bank of America focuses internally on education and makes sure to remain compliant when using social media.

According to Robinson, BofA did not conceptualize an actual social media strategy, instead the bank adopted a three-way approach to engage internally: communication, personalization and partnership. As for the method that the bank used for its social media policies, it is essentially based on actively listening to its partners in the organization, capturing their feedback and identifying their key concerns and expectations.

Todd and his team not only involved their colleagues from Legal & Compliance, but they aimed to build a trusted partnership with them, which made it easier for the banking giant to gain their approval and support early on.

Social Media Tactics Used by BofA to Generate WOM

  • Releasing infographics for consumers
  • Enabling real time reviews of their digital content.

The success of BofA’s social media strategy is still unknown at this point.  The bank is currently testing and evaluating their current tactics and processes to assess the overall importance and value of social engagement for their brand.

Key Stats

Todd Robinson, Bank of America Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy: “It’s been lots of testing and learning… Yet we do understand there is some investment that is needed (to advance forward).”

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