Banco Sabadell Leverages its Tennis Sponsorship to Rewards Its Mayors on Foursquare

At the beginning of April, I found an interesting post on the blog of Banco Sabadell (BS), one of the most social media savvy financial institutions in Spain under the leadership of Pol Navarro, Senior Director, Head of Direct Channels & Innovation.

In this article, “Social” Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell“, Pol’s team talk us through BS’s latest social media initiative, this time on mobile withfoursquare, which aims to leverage the bank’s sponsorship of the Barcelona Tennis Open.
How It Works
Basically the Spanish bank REWARDed its most active mayors (living in Barcelona) on foursquare by giving them some tickets to attend various stages of the prestigious Tennis Open.

Please find below an English translation of the post (thanks to Google):

“The excitement of the tournament crosses the boundaries of the Real Club de Tenis and from today you can feel on the streets of Barcelona with the Barcelona Open Social Banc Sabadell.

On the occasion of the Barcelona Open tennis tournament Banc Sabadell, which will take place between 16 and 24 April, will present the play “Social” Banc Sabadell Barcelona Open.
To participate you must be a registered member of Foursquare and check-in at the offices that the Banco Sabadell group in the city of Barcelona in order to become more and get a prize.
Foursquare is a mobile platform based on location. Using it is free and fun to explore cities, known points of interest, share information, … If you still do not know, sign up today.

How to play “Social” Banc Sabadell Barcelona Open
The existing Mayors on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 23:59, get a prize. The ranking was performed by sorting all Mayors (one from each Group office in Barcelona) from largest to smallest number of check-ins (made in the office who are over). In case of tie, select the most active of the office, ie the most check-ins total received to date April 17, 2011.

* For the first 4 Mayors of ranking an entry for two people to the final of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell 59 Trofeo Conde de Godo, from April 24
* For the next 7 Mayors of the ranking, an entry for two to the semifinals of the Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell 59 Trofeo Conde de Godo, from April 23
* For the rest of Mayors 1 MARITHE FRANCOIS GIRBAUD exclusive watch”

My Take
This is smart experiment. Indeed, I always make a point and advise my clients to use social media to better leverage existing sponsoring activites: in this case instead of interacting two weeks every year, what if BS could build a community of tennis afficionados, and create long term, more constant, engagement with those passionate people thoughout the year?

Connect with Foursquare
In the last twelve months, mobile and geolocalisation became two of the hottest topics. More and more banks and insurance companies are trying to find ways to leverage services like foursquare or facebook places. The challenges lie around the fairly limited adoption or usage of those services within their customer base, and the type of REWARD.

According to you, what would be the most appealing type of reward to encourage your customers to use foursquare and compete for the mayorship?

As food for thought, I invite you to check two previous posts aboutfoursquare in banking, one about Kasikornbank (Thailand) and the other from Caja Mediterraneo (Spain).

Connect with Facebook and Twitter
BancoSabadell-Facebook-TennisOpen2011Last year, the Banco Sabadell team cleverly launched a dedicated social media presence for the Barcelone Open BancSabadell:
* the Barcelona Open BancSabadell – Trofeo Conde de Godo page on facebook (with over 16k fans)
* the @bcnopenbs account on twitter (with over 1,600 followers) and the event hashtag#bcnopenbs.

Connect with Stories
Earlier this year, Standard Chartered UAE also leveraged social media to give more exposure to the Dubai Marathon, one of the 9 marathons the bank is sponsoring all over the world every year, when they launched their “Go The Distance” initiative to better connect with marathon runners.
Now, I’m keen to find out how the bank will carry on building ongoing relationships with this group, and if this experiment will be rolled out to the other 8 marathons.

Of course, on the back of all those initiatives financial institutions will be looking to change brand perception, drive advocacy and eventually increase their market share…

Congratulations to Rafa, the King of Clay
I wrote this article during the Barcelona Open which ended a few hours ago with another brilliant display by Rafael Nadal. I’ve always been more of a Federer fan, but congrats to the King of Clay!
And good luck for Rolland Garros.

RafaFYI, I found this picture on the Barcelona Open BancSabadell – Trofeo Conde de Godo page on facebook.

By the way, did you ever search for Rafa on twitter? I’m impressed with the number of profiles related to the Spanish champion…

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

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