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Apple Promotes Apple Pay Ahead of Samsung, Android Pay Launch

A few days before the Android Pay and Samsung Pay launches, Apple finally published a video promoting its popular Apple Pay service among Apple Watch owners.

Apple Pay Mobile PaymentsAbout a year after launch, Apple has recently published their first official YouTube video focused exclusively on their mobile payment service, Apple Pay.

Since the initial take up of Apple Pay which was unarguably promising, industry analysts seem to broadly agree that Apple’s mobile payment service has failed so far to generate the volume of transactions they were initially hoping for this year.

McDonalds Android PaySamsung PayMeanwhile, Apple’s key competitors are making their moves with Samsung Pay (with non-NFC support) and Android Pay both about to launch in the US.  On 26th August, MacDonald’s will become one of the very first nationwide retailers to roll out those alternative mobile payment services.

On a more positive note, Apple will find comfort in the fact that an outstanding 80% of Apple Watch owners are using Apple Pay.

I’d be curious to see how much Samsung Pay integration Sammy will provide in its upcoming, rather sleek-looking round smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Gear A watch and the Galaxy Gear S2.

Let’s hope that the Gear A watch will have more than a “limited form of Samsung’s payment software” as suggest by the Wall Street Journal at the end of July.

Apple Pay Video

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