Another Angry Customer Using Social Media: PeoplesPops’ Blog Post and Tweets Against Chase Bank (Video)

The voice of the customer banking. Another Angry Customer Using Social Media: PeoplesPops’ Blog Post and Tweets Against Chase Bank (Video).

Last week, I noticed a blog post from PeoplesPops‘s management team entitled “Open Letter To The Worst Bank of The Known Universe“. It is quite straight to the point, isn’t it?

They are a SME created three years ago which ambitions to provide better ice-pop to our much deserving world. I guess they aim to become “the innocent juices” of the ice-pop industry.

I invite you to check the short video below where I share my comments supported by a few slides.

I find those customer initiatives compelling; using them is one of the most efficient ways to convince your management. Nowadays, listening and engaging on social media channels is not an option anymore. If it is still an element of differentiation in the banking / insurance industries, the situation will be very different within 18-24 months…

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to work with you to help your colleagues better UNDERSTAND and LEVERAGE social media in our heavily regulated industry. Together, we would identify where to start, what existing content to use and distribute, as well as train your teams and create the internal processes which will enable you to do a great job with the existing resources available to you today.

Financial Institutions Must Support their Customers on Twitter
Of course, I also have many examples of angry customers, turned into brand advocates thanks to a proactive twitter strategy, praising their bank on their blog.
Three weeks ago, Brandon, a SunTrust customer, expressed his satisfaction with the bank thanks to their customer care team on twitter (@AskSunTrust, #373 most followed account on my Visible Banking Twitter Watch). I invite you to read his post, “Which Bank is the Best Bank?“.

Please find below a presentation I delivered last year focused on customer support on twitter.

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