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AIB Bank Reaches Mobile Banking Milestone with 500,000 Active Users

AIB Bank Mobile Banking Digital

Ireland’s AIB Bank has recently reached a digital banking milestone with 500,000 active mobile banking users.

Last week, AIB Bank released a youtube video promoting their latest digital banking achievement, ‘500,000 users actively using AIB Mobile Banking‘.

AIB Bank Mobile Banking Digital

Congratulations to AIB for reaching this major mobile banking milestone.  But their video doesn’t tell us much.

Please note the AIB mobile banking app currently doesn’t include any personal finance management (PFM) or P2P payment features.

In case you missed it, Barclays Bank published a more comprehensive series of insights on their own mobile banking achievements in the slightly outdated infographic below.

Infographic Barclays Bank Mobile Banking Insights

AIB’s short video doesn’t include much insight on the stats which matter the most like the number of daily users, monthly usage or the impact on spending and saving behaviour.

Are you one of Barclays’ 2-3 million customers or AIB’s 500,000 customers actively using their mobile banking app(s)?  How good do you find the customer experience on mobile in 2014?

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