Ai in Regtech Webinar Information Governance

AI in Regtech: Best Way to Solve Information Governance Challenges?

Devie Mohan Moderates an insightful AI in Fintech conversation with the likes of Deutsche Bank

AI in Regtech: webinar on the potential of artificial intelligence in facilitating information governance in banking.

We team came across this short webinar moderated by the brilliant Devie Mohan, one of the most trusted fintech influencers globally.

Artificial Intelligence in Regtech

This short webinar aimed to highlight the more and more prominent role Artificial Intelligence will have in the banking industry with a focus on compliance: financial institutions will have no choice but rely more and more heavily on AI and Regtech to address the complexity of information governance.

“Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are ideally suited to analyzing and interpreting the exponential volume and complexity of regulatory data spawned by the financial crisis of 2008.”

AI in Regtech: Panellists

  • Devie Mohan, Co-Founder and CEO – Burnmark
  • Ben Richmond, Founder and CEO – Cube
  • Lynn Molfetta, Head of Global Records Management – Deutsche Bank
  • Matthew Bernstein, Information Management Strategist

What are the very first compliance and information management use cases your financial institution focused on to leverage the value of AI in Regtech? Any successful story or learnings you’d like to share with us?

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