Advanta – Finovate09 Interview #7: Ami Kassar, Chief Innovation Officer

As you all know, I was very much looking forward to participate to my third finovate event.

And what a day! Kudos to Jim BrueneEric Mattson , and the rest of their team for putting together such a smooth event with hardly no technical glitches.

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16 Video Interviews
I have been incredibly busy while staying in NYC. Indeed, I managed to shoot 16 video interviews between Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th September.  I will be posting all of them on my blog soon. Stay tuned!

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Interview #7 – Advanta: Ami Kassar, Chief Innovation Officer
Advanta manages one of the largest portfolios of credit card receivables in the small business market in the US.

Since 2007, they have been one of the most innovative financial institution in social media. They do a great job engaging with US entrepreneurs on facebook, myspace, twitter and their own websites / online communities:ideablobbloblivebizequity and kivab4b.

It is interesting to notice that Advanta haven’t focused on building their own brand presence on the most popular social media sites, they did it mainly through theiraward winning ideablob service.

You can find Ideablob on facebookmyspacetwitter @ideablob, and the ideablog.

Ami Kassar, Chief Innovation Officer
I have been in touch with Ami for over two years now. At the end of 2007 I tried to record an interview about Ideablob via skype but the bad quality of our connection made it impossible.

I always talk about Advanta’s social media strategy in my presentations. From my opinion it is one of the best examples of how a financial services firm should engage with their target market online, not only their clients. Think outside the box, don’t focus on your products, help your target market in providing them with a meaningful and valuable service. That is exactly what Advanta accomplished with ideablob and bloblive.

I compare them to Dell which established themselves as social media experts and now share their experience with Small Business Owners on their brilliant Facebook page “Social Media for Small Business – Powered by Dell“.

You can find Ami on linkedin and on twitter @advantacio.

I invite you to watch my interview with Ami.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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