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Active Saver App + Fitness Tracker = Healthier, Wealthier Banking Customers

Commercial Bank of Dubai launched the innovative ‘Active Saver App’ which taps mobile banking and fitness trackers to reward healthy customers with higher interest rates.

Last week, I noticed on the Apple app store a new banking app from Commercial Bank of Dubai: the Active Saver App available exclusively for iOS for now (an Android app is coming soon).

The idea for the Active Saver app was conceived at CBD’s Innovation Lab, which explores new products, technologies, and processes that can add value to customers’ lives and drive business efficiencies and growth.  This new product is an extension of CBD’s Personal Financial Management Solution launched a year ago to help CBD customers make smarter financial choices and to guide them in achieving their financial goals.

CBD Active Saver App iOS

The Active Saver App for iOS

“Active Saver Account is a Savings Account designed to encourage customers to remain healthy by performing physical exercise and save money to earn attractive interest rate on eligible average balance.

It is CBD’s Social Responsibility driven endeavor to encourage customers to remain healthy and reward them to allow saving to earn attractive interest on their saving amount through this product.”

How to Register and Use

CBD Active Saver How to Register


Peter Baltussen, CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai: [quote_center]”At CBD, we are constantly looking to bring extraordinary experiences to the market and to our customers through the continual launch of innovative products and services. CBD’s Innovation Lab has allowed us to help transform our employees’ creative ideas into market innovations and the Active Saver App is a clear example of this.”[/quote_center]

Murray Sims – General Manager, Personal Banking Group at CDB: [quote_center]”The Active Saver App promotes fitness and health among our customers while giving them increased financial benefits. This ‘Powered by You’ app will encourage all our customers to improve their fitness levels while also helping them better achieve their long-term financial goals. A truly personalised experience for all.”[/quote_center]

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