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AAMI Insurance Launches Imaginary Car Contest #Drivewaying

AAMI Insurance launched a social media contest, #drivewaying, inviting Australians to drive an imaginary car.

This morning, I came across this YouTube video, ‘AAMI Insurance – Win A Mini by #Drivewaying with Hamish & Andy‘.

In the video, AAMI Insurance introduces its latest social media contest #Drivewaying which is defined as “the act of sitting in an imaginary car in the hope of winning a new one”.

AAMI Social Media Contest Drivewaying

Here AAMI, one of the most engaging insurance firms on social media in Australia, wants Australians to show their ‘drivewaying‘ skills for the chance to win a MINI Cooper S Coupé.  The contest ends on 8th August.

You will find more info on luckyaami.com.

This is how your entry could look like (cute):


How good are your drivewaying skills?  If you live in Australia and you think you are a champion, enter the latest hashtag-based social media contest from AAMI Insurance.

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